Ground Beef Tips

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10 Great Ground Beef Tips!!

Ground Beef Tips

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Ground Beef


  • When buying ground beef, check the dates on the packages to make sure you are getting the freshest of the bunch!
  • Select a package from the bottom with the coldest temperature and be sure to keep it away from your fresh vegetables while shopping to avoid cross contamination.


  • Ground beef can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 days or frozen in an airtight package for up to 3 months.
  • 2 cups of cooked Ground Beef is the equivalent of 1lb. of raw ground beef.  (Great to know if you precook large batches and store it in the freezer).
  • Purchase a large package of ground beef and cook it up with some onions and garlic.  Once cool freeze in small portions!  You can pull it from the freezer and put it straight into a pan (no defrosting required)!  Just add taco mix, pasta sauce or other goodies for a speedy weeknight meal!
  • When you freeze ground beef, freeze it in a donut shape!  This allows it to defrost quickly and evenly.


  • When browning ground beef a high temperature (although faster) can result in a dry product!  Moderate heat is a better option (but ALWAYS make sure ground beef is thoroughly browned).
  • Never press a burger while it’s on the grill, this squeezes out the juices resulting in a dry burger.
  • When you cook a burger, make an indent with your thumb on each side of the meat patty.  As the centre of the meat expands during cooking, this will result in an even burger without the bulge in the middle.
  • The leaner the meat, the less it will shrink.  Adding salt into the meat mixture can actually draw moisture out of the meat. If you want to add salt to your burger, it’s best to sprinkle it on just before it goes on the grill!
  •  Ground beef should always be cooked to a temperature of 160 degrees in order to destroy any possible harmful bacteria.

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