Winner winner chicken dinner! These amazing chicken recipes will quickly become some of your new favorites… I know they’re mine! From making a chicken and broccoli stir fry to a whole roasted chicken, here is everything you need to know about my favorite white protein.

Chicken is naturally low in fat, and very healthy. It is packed full of protein and contains a ton of minerals your body needs such as selenium, magnesium, zinc, and iron.

You can try making a chicken casserole like chicken divan, or a chicken and rice casserole. Need an appetizer? Try a buffalo chicken dip. Looking for chicken breast recipes? These grilled chicken breasts couldn’t be easier! You won’t go hungry, that’s for sure.

When you make chicken, the key is to not overcook it. Chicken is very dense, so if it is overcooked it will dry out quickly. Chicken should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F. A meat thermometer will tell you how cooked your chicken is!

White meat like chicken breasts are naturally leaner, meaning that when overcooked they will dry out the quickest. Chicken thighs, and chicken legs are dark meat which is naturally fattier. Dark meat is found closer to the bone, giving it a richer flavor.

If you are roasting a whole chicken, the dark meat is usually the last to cook, so make sure you check the temperature correctly. A meat thermometer should be inserted between the breast, the leg, and the thigh. Make sure you don’t hit the bone, or it will change the reading of your thermometer!

If you have leftover chicken bones, make yourself a homemade chicken broth. You can use it to make a chicken noodle soup, or to flavor different sauces and dishes!