Easy Banana Bread Recipe

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Learn the trick to how to make banana bread moist and delicious.  With very few ingredients and only a few minutes of prep, this simple banana bread is the perfect way to enjoy your ripe bananas!

sliced banana bread made from easy banana bread recipe

A Favorite Quick Bread

This banana bread recipe is so quick and easy to prepare, perfect for busy households! It makes a most delicious afternoon snack for hungry kids after school or enjoy banana bread for breakfast paired with a warm mug of coffee!

It’s incredibly moist and easy to make. You likely have everything you need for this recipe!

Banana Bread Ingredients


How Ripe Should They Be? You want your bananas to be ripe with many black spots, this means they’re soft and full of sugars.  You can peel them and freeze them to make banana bread at a later date too.

To Ripen Bananas  Quickly: Uhoh, you have beautiful yellow bananas, perfect for a smoothie or banana pudding but not so much for banana bread!

    • To ripen bananas in 1-2 days: place them in a paper bag (with other ripe fruit if you have any) and seal.
    • To ripen immediately, bake at 300°F for 15-20 minutes. Cool before using in this recipe.

Eggs & Oil

Eggs and oil add moisture to quick bread. In this recipe, we replace some of the oil with mayonnaise (which is made of… eggs and oil)! While this may seem like a weird ingredient, as you can see from the reviews on this recipe, it produces a moist banana bread!

Mashed banana, mayonnaise and egg in a bowl and a second photo of the mixture added to a flour mixture

How to Make Banana Bread

This extra moist banana bread recipe is easy. Be sure not to overmix or it’ll be dense and chewy loaf instead of a soft and moist banana bread.

  1. Combine dry ingredients in a bowl (per recipe below).
  2. Combine bananas (of course), mayonnaise and egg in a second bowl.
  3. Mix the two together just until moist.
  4. Pour into a greased pan and bake.

I make a Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake which is to die for. If you have never had a bread or cake made with mayonnaise before, you MUST try it.  Banana Bread with Mayonnaise? I know it may sound a little bit strange, but mayo is made of oil and eggs which are basically staple ingredients in this quick bread anyhow and will make this banana bread soft and moist.

Mixing the ingredients for an easy banana bread in a glass bowl

Make It Extra Moist

Bananas add flavor and moisture to this loaf as does the mayonnaise. A few more favorite tips for this recipe:

  • The batter is thick, do not add extra liquid.
  • Avoid adding extra bananas, this can make the bread too dense.
  • As with all quick breads, do not overmix. Stir just until incorporated.
  • Do not overcook. Ovens can vary so check your bread at least 10 minutes before the time is up.
  • Seal well once cooled (a freezer bag works well too).

You can add in pecan or walnuts or chocolate chips to this banana bread recipe. For easy removal, line the loaf pan with parchment paper leaving about 3 inches of paper folded over the top of the pan. Serve it with Whipped Strawberry Butter or Honey Butter

A sliced loaf of banana bread made from an easy banana bread recipe

How to Store Banana Bread

I much prefer to store this banana bread recipe on the counter at room temperature. How long does Banana Bread last? Banana bread should last about 3 days tightly sealed on the counter.

To FREEZE Banana Bread: Of course this easy banana bread freezes beautifully.  You can either freeze the loaf as a whole or slice it and freeze the slices. To defrost a slice just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds or even just add it to the lunch box frozen, it’ll defrost in plenty of time for lunch!

Once you try it,  this award-winning easy banana bread recipe will definitely be your go-to recipe!

Options and Add-Ins


4.88 from 81 votes
Review Recipe

Easy Banana Bread

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Servings 12 servings
Author Holly Nilsson
Course Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine American
This banana bread is one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever tried and turns out perfectly every time! Feel free to substitute your favorite nuts (like walnuts) or even add in chocolate chips.


  • 3 Medium Bananas mashed
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise or dressing
  • 1 egg
  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup chopped pecans

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  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. In a bowl mix together mashed bananas, mayo and egg. In a separate bowl combine flour, sugar, baking soda, salt and pecans

  3. Add flour mixture to wet mixture and stir just until combined. Note: The mixture will be very thick, do not over mix

  4. Pour into a greased loaf pan. Bake 60-70 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

  5. Remove from pan and allow to cool completely.

Recipe Notes

Nutrition information provided is an estimate and will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.
Nutrition Information
Calories: 231, Fat: 10g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 17mg, Sodium: 253mg, Potassium: 146mg, Carbohydrates: 31g, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 16g, Protein: 2g, Vitamin A: 45%, Vitamin C: 2.6%, Calcium: 9%, Iron: 1%

(Nutrition information provided is an estimate and will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.)

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  1. Thank you Holly for such a delicious recipe…I added 1/2 C. of applesauce to your ingredients
    It truly is the best!

  2. This is the BEST banana bread recipe I’ve ever tried! I loooove how moist it is, and it’s the only recipe I use anymore!

  3. Best, easiest ever! I made double batch, took them to work & everyone loved it! Also, a co-worker has now made it & her entire family loved it too. Absolutely delicious, I did add 2 tsp of vanilla though for the dbl batch. This is my go to recipe from now on. So simple. Thank you!

  4. Hi spend with pennies I was wondering is this a group and if so I want to join? Scrolling through this is everything I wanna make like home recipes. I don’t want to lose this sight so how do I keep this sight to be able to bring it up without always losing it? That happens to me all the time and I never find them again.

  5. I have made different types of banana bread and this is the first one I love!! I’m going to defftently make and try your other recipes!! Can I replace the oil with butter?

  6. I used half brown sugar and half white sugar, added a teaspoon of vanilla and a teaspoon of cinnamon and ommited the nuts. Perfect!!!

    1. Hi Wanda, we have never baked it in a bundt pan but another reader has with success. Let us know how it turns out for you!

  7. I tried this recipe for the first time this weekend and it was very moist. I did add cinnamon and no nuts. One, because I am taking it to school and there are allergies and two, because I did not have any. I doubled the recipe and used 5 large bananas. The batter seemed a little wet but it still came out great. I will definitely make this again.

  8. Thanks to the question from another fan, I used successfully 4 large bananas (2 cups total) for 2 loaves of marvelous banana bread. To one loaf I added 1/2 cup broken pecans, and to one loaf I added 1/2 cup broken pecans and 1/2 cup dried cranberries. I let the batter with the cranberries sit while the first loaf baked (to let the cranberries rehydrate). Both loaves were so Very Good! We shared with neighbors who gave us rave reviews.

  9. Been making multiple loaves of the banana bread since July, easy 10 out of 10
    Just wondering if there is a way to adapt this to pumpkin bread …

  10. I’m just wondering if this recipe lends itself to muffins? I made the bread and I loved it. Just wondering if it would make good muffins?

      1. I always use a 12 count muffin top pan ,,,20 minutes baking time at 350′ . I put in optionally ,,,,,,1/2 cup coconut, 1/2 cup raisins or dried cranberries , 1/2 cup chopped walnuts, 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips. your imagination is the limit! It’s a fun recipe!!!!

    1. I used one banana and one cup of fruit (blueberries) then all other ingredients. Put in large muffin tin and baked for about 25-30 minutes

  11. Thanks Holly,another great recipie.The banana bread was excellent.Used cake pans instead of loaf pans,worked out fine.My family loved it.Your recipies are never a disappointment.I also like the easy,and less ingredients that you use.Its usually things we already have in the pantry.Keep up the good work!

  12. This is my second time making this…it has definitely become our favourite banana bread. My husband always thought banana bread was too dry…not anymore…delicious, moist and easy to make.

  13. I L-O-V-E this recipe…I use nothing else!! I make this recipe into muffins for my kids to eat for breakfast and they think these are awesome!

  14. easy banana brea
    I doubled up the ingredients and was able to get 3 x 2 lb loaf tins from the mix. I baked at 160 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes and it was perfect

  15. Wonderful recipe. i Have made it twice now and the first time I baked it too long and was short a banana so I was anxious to make it again, right. I had small bananas so I put in an extra 1/2 and bake it for 60 minutes. Turned out PERFECT. I am going to wrap it up and see how it taste the service today it tastes tomorrow because with banana it is much better the next day. It was good today though but I’m thinking it will be full of banana flavor tomorrow.

    My mom had a recipe for a chocolate mayonnaise cake when I was young and I loved it, so the addition of mayonnaise in this recipe made. Don’t be put off by it, you don’t even yesterday it but it does make for moist scrumptious results.

    THanks for sharing your recipe. I will make it again & again. I also added toasted walnuts. YUMMY crunch.

    1. Hi Alice, I just tried a loaf made with all-purpose gluten-free flour and it turned out great. The only thing I would pay attention to is the time, my loaf was ready in about 45-50 minutes.

  16. I made the Banana Cake to day, absolutely delicious, so moist and so easy to make. I have taken a photo of it but can’t see any way to post it.

  17. Hello! Is it possible for you to provide metric measurements of the ingredients? Especially the weight of the bananas. Thank you!

    1. Unfortunately I am unable to provide metric conversions. There are many conversion tools available online. I hope that helps.

    1. You are definitely in the right place Stephanie! We have a not so secret passion for all things food! Hope you enjoy the recipes!

  18. I think maybe it needs baking soda? The flavor was good but the consistency was like a bread pudding. It did not rise at all.

  19. Love this recipe. Easy quick and great tasting. And yeah I too make a chocolate mayonaise/salad dressing cake.

  20. Loved the recipe, taste was super on point and were in the process of finding that perfect recipe. This was almost there. The only criticism is that It could have done with 10-15 minutes less at the heat insructed. I love a crispy crust, but this verged on the edge of burning it, can taste slightly burnt crust. But still very yummy. Thank you

    1. So happy you loved it Rebecca. If you notice it burning but it is not done cooking, you can tent it with tin foil to allow it to finish cooking without crisping up any further.

  21. I made this tonight and added walnuts and some blueberries I needed to use up. It came out amazing! Very moist , easy and delicious! Ty for sharing your recipe! Love it ! Michelle Walker from Auburn NH.

    1. It should be approximately 3/4 to 1 cup, it will vary a bit but the recipe will still work perfectly. Enjoy.

  22. Still asking…
    Got your ambrosia recipe earlier
    Can I freeze it?

    Please reply ASAP
    I want to make now..

    Thx! Will make BNB recipe soon!

  23. Love this recipe been making it with mayo for 3-4years ,my grandsons ask me NaN,when are you doing banana bread again,youngest I might add is 20 lol

  24. Thanks to the one sharing this I might say weird recipe ,truly when you heard about mayo and banana you’ll kind of don’t believe it BUT I’m telling the truth ,I made before I came across this recipe and man,I couldn’t explain how delicious it is,I was so speechless about it.My kids were laughing at it,they said mom we never heard just a recipe like that THEN when they tried it ,they couldn’t get over it,they ask more and more .So pls do try it you’ll like it.

  25. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about the mayonnaise,however, I am proud to say I have a new go-to banana bread recipe!
    This recipe is so easy to make and so delicious. I am so happy that I tried it! I didn’t want to lose the recipe, so I created its very own category on Pinterest!! ❤️❤️

  26. This is by far the best of the best banana bread! Wonderfully delicious, moist, flavorful, and hands down the winner. Thank you!

  27. I have made three (3) Banana Bread with mayonnaise and we love it. I have shared the loaf with our friends. Awesome with and without nuts. No fuss, quick and moist. I had forgot about mayonnaise for the moisture. I used fresh bananas on two of the loafs and frozen bananas on the other.

    1. So happy to hear everyone enjoyed them Rebecca! Adding the mayonnaise definitely increasing the moisture, which we love too!

  28. I made the banana bread in a loaf and in muffins and just loved them… going to make a couple of bashes into muffins and freeze

  29. Do you use all purpose flour or self rising ? And does the mayonnaise need to be cold or room temperature ? Can’t wait to make this!

  30. I made this banana bread exactly like receipe. I have made chocolate mayonnaise cake before but this was the first time i used mayo in banana bread. It was the most moist delicious loaf i ever had. Thank you for the recipe. I will always make quick breada using mayo in the future. Everyone should try it. Ate the whole loaf over several days. Im in love with this recipe

      1. Super easy and delicious! I didn’t have an egg so used about 1/2 cinnamon applesauce. Also baked in muffin pan 20 min! Perfect!! Thank you!! ❤️

    1. Hi Louise, We have only made this recipe as bread but if you try it as muffins let us know how it works out! We usually use this recipe when making banana muffins if you wanted to try this one out!

  31. Hey . This recipe looks so good . Do you think I could hv the exact measuring in grams instead of cups ? It’ll make things a lot easier for me .
    Thnx x

  32. This is my go-to recipe! So moist! Everyone loves it when I make these into muffins. Making some tonight because I have bananas that are quite brown right now my co-workers will be happy tomorrow!

  33. This banana bread recipe is fast, easy and SO delicious! I have made about 4-5 loaves, am working on another, and I love it! Fast and delicious!

  34. I added 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract, and no nuts… this banana bread is GLORIOUS. Extremely moist and perfect amount of sweetness!!

        1. Unfortunately I’m unable to offer any advice for baking at a high altitude. Hopefully another reader can share their experience.

  35. I like this banana bread! I made two already. It is moisture and soft like cake. I put 4 Tablespoons (about 3 oz) sugar instead of 3/4 cup, and it tastes perfect because bananas are sweet enough. I will keep this recipe. Thank you Holly!

  36. I am so happy i found this recipe. It makes wonderfully moist bread and so quick to put together. I have six children so finding a speedy and delicious recipe was just what i needed. Thank you so much!!… no more unused overripe bananas here lol

  37. Holly,
    I made 2 loaves of the banana bread yesterday, one with chocolate chips and the other plain. Both loaves were devoured by my husband, my grandson and myself! LOL

    I have made 1 loaf today and am now making 8 mini loaves with chocolate chips. I am sure my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson will enjoy them when they come over for dinner tonight. I will continue to make this banana bread from now on. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe! :)

    1. I love this recipe too but wang to make it worth chocolate chips did you add anything else for the chocolate chips

  38. Looking forward Holly, to trying out the Easy Banana Bread. I was wondering, if by chance, I could use my bread maker, instead of the oven? Would the result be the same texture and moistness you think?

    1. While I have never made this recipe in a bread machine, I believe it would turn out fine if made that way. Should you try it, please update us on how it turned out for you Patricia.

  39. OMG!! So easy and delicious! I mixed up and baked 2 loaves here at work this morning. The co-workers will have it devoured by noon. Thankyou so much. I love your site. Such good recipes. Keep up the good work.

  40. Oh my, yes! I was given a ton, well 6 bunches anyway…lol of over ripe bananas. I hate wasting potentially usable food
    Checking out banana bread recipes, I found this one! Loooove it. The mayo gives it such a rich, moist yumminess. You saved the day. And several banana bunches too! Thanks.

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed this recipe and were able to save the bananas Keiser! I agree the mayo really adds a lot of flavor while keeping the bread really moist!

    1. I’ve only made the recipe as written so can’t say for sure. Let us know if you try the self rising flour Glenda!

  41. Hey Holly, i wanted to let you know how much you have made my life easier… i wanted to ask you about the ingredients can i substitute mayo for oil?

    1. That makes me so happy to hear Angela! I’ve only tried this as written with mayonnaise (or dressing like Miracle Whip).

    1. I have only made the recipe as written (with 3 bananas). If your bananas are fairly large the recipe will still likely work. Other readers have had success with 2 bananas. Enjoy Janelle!

  42. This banana bread recipe is the best that I have made. Who would of thought mayo would make this bread so delicious and moist. Absolutely the best!!

  43. Excellent recipe! I have made it for our family and for weekend company. It turns out perfect every time. I make it into muffins instead of bread because it cooks quicker and works well as a snack. It only takes about 17 minutes to bake.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. I haven’t tried it with blueberries yet but I think it would work just fine. I would suggest tossing the blueberries with flour first to keep them well distributed throughout the bread. Let us know how it goes!

  44. I don’t know what happened but the recipe doesn’t show what the dry ingredients are or how much of each.
    Can you please let me know what they are.

    1. The recipe is showing for me. There is a “Jump to Recipe” button at the very top of the post below my photo where it says “by Holly”. If you don’t see it, you can also scroll to the bottom of the post.

    1. While I have only made this recipe as written, I am sure you could substitute your favorite sweetener into the recipe.

  45. I LUV the flavor. After baking for 60 min, the middle tell flat while cooking. I don’t think I baked long enuff.

  46. I’ve made this several times now and it’s delicious every time. Full of banana flavor and moist! Even my picky husband gave it a thumbs up! I am just wondering why the top always burn? I followed the temperature stated and placed it on the lowest rack. It’s fully cooked through but with a burnt top. I am thinking of lowering the temperature but afraif that it will affect it’s texture. Any suggestions to prevent this?

    Thank you for this amazing recipe!

    1. You’re so welcome Joanne! I’d suggest loosely placing a piece of foil over the top to stop it from browning further.

  47. This is now my go to banana bread recipe! Easy and delicious! I have one baking in the oven now, trying it with whole wheat flour this time.

  48. Hands down the absolute best banana bread I have ever made. It is light, moist and delicious. Dark chocolate chips added in made it wonderful. Will make again and again.

  49. It was very hard and quite dry. I followed the directions and have a new oven so I’m not sure why it was dry and the outside was hard. the only thing I can figure is I used splenda instead of sugar.

  50. This was my first time making banana bread and I absolutely love this recipe! I didn’t have ripe bananas so I took 3 yellow bananas and stuck them in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes until the skin turned black. What a great way to ripen your bananas when you want banana bread in a hurry!

    Question: can you use honey instead of sugar and coconut flour & almond flour instead of all-purpose flour? Please let me know your thoughts.

    1. What a great tip for getting bananas ripe in a flash!
      While I have only tried the recipe as written, I think it would work. Let us know how it turns out if you try it!

    2. Coconut flour and almond flour bake up very differently than A/P flour. I would suggest the King Arthur Flour website for “how to” suggestions when subbing ingredients. I use this website frequently when I have questions about baking. Hope this helps.

  51. I’ve made this recipe twice and I love it so much! I made a double batch both times and baked it in a bundt style pan. I got so many compliments about this banana bread. So delicious and moist, this recipe is amazing!

  52. This banana bread was perfect! I love substituting mayo for oil or butter. So moist and delicious! I also used whole wheat baking flour and this bread was so good… Will make this every time I have extra bananas!

  53. So, I’ll get my input in with all the others who have made this Banana Bread. Truly The Best. I make it with peanut butter chips because we have tree nut allergies in the family. It’s a dream of a recipe, and whips up in short order like nobody’s business. And I agree with Angelina: you should please rename it Supercalifragilisticexpealdelicious Banana Bread.

  54. This recipe brought me to tears… I’ve been searching for a banana bread recipe that I always remembered having at my grandma’s house which no one in my family had the recipe for. I’ve tried dozen other “best” banana bread recipes and have always been disappointed. Since so many of the recipes are basically the same ingredients I knew there had to be something else she put in it make it so moist. Definitely think it’s the Mayo! Looked and tasted just like I remembered. So happy to have found this recipe gem that makes my heart remember my sweet grandma!

  55. I am new to baking, so pardon my inexperience… in reading all of the preamble above the recipe, there was a mention of parchment paper being used to help remove the baked loaf from pan. The Recipe has me placing mixture into a greased loaf pan. If using parchment paper, would I still grease it?… would I grease the Parchment Paper!?
    If no need to grease anything — great!
    If so, what is best way to grease the pan, if I do use the paper? Would it make a difference if I didn’t use the paper, but still greased the pan? OR, would I not grease the pan, but yes grease the paper?

    I hope that made sense. I look forward to a tasty treat once I figure out the steps. Thanks

    1. Hi Mateo, if you’re using parchment paper, no need to grease the pan or paper. If you aren’t using it, you should grease the loaf pan. Hope this helps!

  56. Seriously, this Banana Bread should be renamed “Supercadzafradzalisticexpeealidocious Banana Bread” (sp.) !!! It’s truly the tastiest, moistest, and easiest recipe ever. Thank you so much for this recipe , Holly. I will never, ever, make any other banana bread again.

  57. I was a little nervous about the mayo, but it turned out to be the best banana muffins I’ve ever made (I prefer to make it into muffins instead of bread). It reminds me of the Starbucks banana bread. This will now be my go to recipe.

  58. Hi! I live in a town in Colorado where high altitude baking is a challenge. Do you know if adding 2 tbsp of flour will completely fry this out> Thank you, I love your recipes.

  59. My husband took one bite and said this is the best banana nut bread I’ve made yet! He wanted me to add it as a staple to our favorites. Very, very moist! Loved it!

  60. Easy! No creaming butter and sugar! Quick prep! Absolutely delicious! I do think the best ever! Gave a slice to an 85- year- old neighbor who called and asked if I’d remember her the next time I made it Trying it now with chocolate chips for son-in-law who doesn’t eat pecans.

  61. Oh.My.Word. Don’t question this, just go ahead and make it exactly as written. Who knew? Best, most moist banana bread EVER. Hubby went crazy over this. And easy peasy too. Hot out of the oven, incredible, and ridiculously good the next day or two if it makes it that long. So happy to have found this site and Hollys recipes. Very grateful I had three overripe bananas on hand!

  62. This recipe is perfect! Simple and delicious! The only thing I changed is subbing the 1tsp of baking soda for 3tsp of baking powder. I had a bunch of overly ripe bananas that needed saving and no baking soda but substituting baking powder worked perfectly! Just make sure to use 3tsp for every 1tsp of baking soda. I will definitely be making this again! Thank you!

    1. I’m so glad you asked. I was just about to bake this when I realized there was no baking powder. Which made me unsure about the kind of flour I should use. But this clears it up. Yay. Off I go baking!

  63. Thank you for the recipe! My oldest doesn’t do nuts for health reasons, but the bread turned out beautifully without them. I made the bread so as not to toss out bananas on their last day. There now will never be a banana thrown out by me, thanks to you…

  64. These are amazing! I say these because I have kids headed back to college and made muffins. Some plain, some with pecans, some with coconut and pecans, coconut only and even peanut butter (my son’s idea)and chocolate chips! They freeze well and took no time! Thanks for sharing!

  65. I used this recipe for my first time making banana bread. Not sure why banana bread always seems intimidating to make but this recipe was simple to follow! I followed the recipe to a T but I added some chocolate chips and chopped walnuts and the bread is DELICIOUS! Will absolutely make again. Thanks for sharing such a simple and delicious recipe!!!

  66. This was my first time making banana bread. I thought it was hard but with this recipe I was super excited that I finally made banana bread. I’ve been wanting to make banana2 bread and Finally I made it in 2019..lol thank you so much for this easy wonderful recipe

  67. Made my first banana bread recipe using your recipe. Wow! What an amazing, moist, yummy, incredible banana bread! I’m so used to moist banana breads having a little bit of dryness, yet good enough for no butter…but this goes beyond words! My best…My first Yummalicious banana bread! Thank you for a very good recipe!

  68. I’ve baked many classic banana breads but this is the most moist and flavorful of all. I’ve added it to my iPad screen as a “favorite”, it will definitely be my “go to” recipe for quick bread. I can’t wait to try your other recipes. Thank you Holly.

  69. Omg best banana bread ive ever made. I was skeptical about using mayo and i will never make banana bread any other way. Amazing. My 6 year old LOVES it too. Thank you!!!

  70. 5 Stars!!! My first b bread that wasn’t still soggy in the middle. 350 for an hour, no more no less. Maybe the Mayo was the secret ingredient, i don’t know. But the toothpick was dry! I couldn’t believe it! Highly recommend!!!!

  71. I made this today ( only had 2 bananas that were on their way out!) But so fantastic and easy I had to comment and say how wonderful this recipe is! Even with only the 2 bananas it made a delicious treat! I’m a fan!

  72. My daughter added dates chopped up along with glazed pecans and it was amazing.  Thanks for sharing this secret ingredient in your recipe. 

  73. Being in UK we have different names for our products sometimes.

    Can you tell me was it plain or selfraising flour used? also what type of sugar, castor/granulated/icing/demorara?

    1. Unless otherwise specified, I use “plain” all purpose flour and granulated sugar. Hopefully that helps for the future Marnie!

  74. Do you have any suggestions on if you want to substitute mayo, instead of oil, in other recipes? Is it a simple 1 to 1 switch, like apple sauce, or is there more to it? I googled but didn’t really find an answer.

  75. Eating this now, SO MOIST, SO GOOD! I just added a little cinnamon & vanilla. I was going to add nuts to the top but forgot ’em, doesn’t matter this is the BEST banana bread. Going back for seconds… OK thirds.

  76. I want to make this for a youth group fundraiser. I will be going out of town on Thursday and the bake sale is on Saturday. What is the best way to store this bread so that it can be sold at the bake sale? Wrapped in plastic or foil? On the counter or in the fridge or freezer? If I freeze it, how long will it take to thaw?


    1. I would suggest cooling completely, wrapping in plastic wrap and freezing. If you freeze it as a whole loaf, it should defrost within a few hours. If you freeze individual slices, it should take about 20 minutes to defrost each slice. Good luck with your fundraiser!

  77. First let me say that I absolutly hate mayonnaise and that includes miracle whip. I mean I have never had any potato salad, egg salad, macaroni salad etc, and I am in my 60’s, I don’t even want it on my skin , That being said I came across this recipe while I was looking for moist banana bread, I mash and freeze bananas when I have extra so I always have some on hand, quick and easy and they thaw quickly. I almost did not give this a try because of the mayo but I have had chocolate mayo cake and could not taste the mayo, so I felt really brave and gave it a try , So glad I did It is one of the best I have ever made so moist and tasty I could not taste any mayonnaise at all :-) I will be making this again. Thank you for sharing.

  78. This has become my go to recipe for banana bread. Recently I was in a location that didn’t have any bread pans so i used a muffin tin. Everyone loved these and as fast as I took them out of the oven they were gone! I made three batches!

    1. This is the best I have ever made. I love it and so does the rest of the gang! It’s moist and tasty! You will just want to make more and eat more. SO so so good! mmmmmmmmm~

  79. I can’t stop making this recipe I wait for my bananas to get right and then I make it my goodness is it delicious my family eats it so fast I can’t keep up with them

  80. Super yummy and moist! Don’t let the mayo keep you from making this, it is the best banana bread I’ve made! I added semi-sweet chocolate chips to the batter, but you could easily leave them out and it would be just as tasty!

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    1. I’ve always had great success with this recipe, so I can’t say for sure what went wrong for you.

    2. I find that if my eggs aren’t really fresh my breads come out flatter. Make sure the yolk in your eggs “stand up” it’ll make it rise higher! Mine is in the oven now! Can’t wait!

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    The only thing I do differently is that I use 1/4 cup of mayonnaise and 1/4 cup of unsweetened applesauce instead of 1/2 cup of mayonaisse.

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    This recipe is very easy yet so perfect for a banana bread! It was my first time to bake banana bread and i bring one loaf in our office. They liked it very much that i need to do more. Hahah

    One question i have now is, can i bake 2 pans at the same time? Do i need to adjust the temperature or the hours of baking? Thank you so much!!!!


    1. Today prepared this banana bread for our mother Mary rosary gathering. The cake i prepared was liked by everyone. Thanks

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    1. Sorry about that, we’ve had some new updates to make the site easier to navigate and somehow that line went missing. I’ve updated the post, you will need to preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

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    1. Yes, if you let the bananas thaw, they’ll be perfect for this bread! They may have a little bit of liquid when they defrost which I usually just discard.

  99. Hi. For the Banana bread recipe, should the temperature or timing be altered if you use a glass loaf pan instead of a metal one?

    1. I don’t alter my temperature or timing for glass or metal pans. Only if it is a dark pan then use a lower temperature. Hope this helps.

    1. Not sure. You may have to check the oven every 5 minutes are so, to make sure the mini muffins aren’t over baking or burning.

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      1. I went through all the comments to find this one answer…i was thinking to myself…someone has got to wonder about the same thing…lol…well im going to make my bread now…yum yum

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    1. I have only made the recipe as written (with 3 bananas). If your bananas are fairly large the recipe will still likely work.

  110. I don’t usually reply to the recipes I try but this was fabulous. I did use whole wheat flour and ground flax seed Oh & a few Tbsp of chia seeds. Made 9 delicious muffins. The Fam didn’t even know they were eating healthy. Thanks for sharing, definitely a keeper.

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe!

      I have never made this in muffin tins.. what a great idea! I would suggest filling the wells 3/4 full and baking at 350 degrees. I would check them at about 18-20 minutes. I’d love to hear how it works out for you if you try it!

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