Appetizer Recipes

If you are looking for the best easy appetizers, you’ve come to the right place. With everything from our favorite creamy cheesy dips (like our favorite Jalapeno Popper dip) to fresh, you’ll find something for every party and every occasion here!

There is something to please everyone and something for every occasion! This collection of appetizers includes game day snacks, finger foods, dips, and light appetizers to snack on before dinner.

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If you're wondering how many appetizers per person you'll need, I like to account for about 3-5 pieces per person as a before dinner snack.

If you're having a party and will be serving only appetizers, I account for about 8-10 pieces for around 2 hours.  Up it a little if they'll be staying longer or drinking a lot.

To find good appetizers, simply scroll through the pages below... make sure you don't miss out on our Buffalo Chicken Dip (to die for) or the Dill Pickle Dip everyone raves about!

The best list of easy appetizers for a crowd! Find our favorite snacks from creamy dips to fresh fruit salsa.

These finger foods are the perfect last-minute appetizers for a party. From easy cold appetizers to light appetizers before dinner (or even last minute appetizers) we've got you covered!