If you’re wondering what to do with leftover turkey, look no further!

Leftovers are one of my favorite parts of the holidays since it means easy meals for days or weeks to come (YAY!!).

Below is a collection of the best leftover turkey recipes and ideas. Create a new recipe like turkey soup or keep it simple with a hot turkey sandwich, the possibilities are endless!

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What to Make With Leftover Turkey

When it comes to leftover turkey ideas there is no shortage. Especially when you consider that almost every recipe made with chicken is great with turkey too!

A delicious turkey pot pie or turkey salad sandwich are just some of the delicious ways to use it.

Bones, Neck, Giblets, and Carcass

Leftover Turkey Soups

A bowl of soups is a great way to enjoy thanksgiving leftovers and it’s easy to make. Use the crockpot or make them on the stove for an easy meal! Serve with some dinner rolls or a thick slice of garlic bread to soak up every last drop!

Creamy Turkey Soup Recipes

Broth Based Soups

  • Turkey Soup – Simply perfect. No oddball ingredients, this leftover turkey recipe is full of goodness.
  • Slow Cooker Turkey Vegetable Soup – Jam-packed with veggies in a tomato broth, this turkey soup is easy to make in the slow cooker. Add in leftover vegetables from dinner too!
  • Slow Cooker Cajun Bean Turkey Soup– Cajun bean soup is a hearty and delicious way to enjoy leftovers and great to feed a crowd. This soup reheats beautifully.
  • Turkey Noodle Soup – Turkey, vegetables, and noodles are cooked on the stovetop in just a few simple steps.
  • Spicy Southwest Turkey and Bean Soup – Leftovers with a kick. This soup is great topped with sour cream, salsa, and some jalapenos.

Turkey Chili Recipes

  • White Turkey Chili – leftover turkey chili in a flavorful sauce. This recipe cooks in the slow cooker for an easy hands-off meal.

Leftover Turkey Casserole Recipes

Leftover Turkey Casserole Recipes

Casseroles are my favorite, easy to make ahead of time, low on dishes, and belly-warming for sure!  Most chicken casserole recipes start with cooked chicken and it can almost always be substituted for cooked turkey (which is a big part of the reason I cook more turkey than I need).

Rice Casseroles

Pasta Casseroles

  • Turkey Tetrazzini – This creamy pasta dish has leftover turkey and mushrooms with spaghetti in a creamy sauce. Top it all with cheese and bake until bubbly.
  • Creamy Turkey Casserole – Super quick prep and any kind of pasta, this shortcut meal is great for leftovers.

Other Casseroles

  • Turkey Pot Pie – Literally perfect. Flaky crust, tender leftover turkey, a flavorful creamy sauce, and cozy veggies.
  • Cornbread & Leftover Turkey Casserole – A bit like a turkey pot pie but with a fluffy cornbread topping.
  • Leftover Turkey Enchiladas – Tortillas filled with leftover turkey, smothered in enchilada sauce and cheese, and baked until bubbly.
  • Herbed Turkey Stroganoff – This saucy herby dish is full of flavor (and leftover turkey) and it’s perfect spooned over leftover mashed potatoes or pasta.
  • Cheesy Turkey Zucchini Casserole – Zucchini and turkey mix with stuffing in a new family favorite casserole.l
  • Turkey Stuffing Roll-Ups – All of the flavors of turkey dinner in turkey rolls. Use deli turkey or thin slices of leftover turkey. If your leftovers are too hard to roll, stack ’em up!
  • Leftover Turkey Casserole  – This leftover turkey recipe has all of the goodness of Thanksgiving dinner in one dish.

Leftover Turkey Salads & Sandwiches

Leftover turkey is, of course, great for meals like soups and casseroles but it makes for a great lunch too! We use it in place of chicken in our favorite chicken salad sandwiches and add it to dill pickle pasta salad for a hearty meal! My absolute favorite way to enjoy leftover turkey is as a hot turkey sandwich though (recipe below)!



What Can You Do With Leftover Turkey?

The great thing about roasting turkey or turkey breasts is that it’s cooked once and then you have easy prep for days (or weeks to come)! I use every bit of the turkey from the neck and backbone to the carcass.
Regardless of how you intend to use it, store leftover turkey meat and bones in airtight containers or zippered bags. This will help keep it fresh as long as possible.

How Long is Leftover Turkey Good For?

In the fridge, the leftover turkey should last 3-5 days.
In the freezer, it should last for up to a month if frozen. Perfect when you intend to use it later!


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  1. Wish these recipes had been around years ago when my family were still young. Now 86 and only me to cook for,still enjoy reading them.

  2. I use your recipes all the time, and would like to save my favorites. And will continue to do so. Thanks so much.❤️

  3. Holly, I wanted to tell you how thankful I am for you and all of your wonderful recipes. My family has loved every recipe of yours I have made for them. I just recently got back into cooking and I prefer to make everything from scratch. Your recipes have never disappointed them or me! They rave about how good it is and how they can taste the love…LOL. Keep up the good work and thank you so much! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!!

  4. Am I overlooking it? A while back I pinned the leftover Turkey Dinner Stacks and for the life of me, I can no longer find it. I mean, I can figure it out but just curious where to find it.

    1. Hi Sue, we heat some gravy and add the sliced turkey into it until heated through. We toast the bread, spread mayonnaise on it, and top with the turkey gravy mixture and enjoy!

      1. I don’t see the recipe either. Looked like mashed potatoes, then stuffing, then turkey, then gravy and mushrooms.

  5. Great list! Missing turkey mac & cheese. :) This year we smoked the turkey and made a great smoked turkey jalapeno mac & cheese! Also a fantastic pot pie that went from the freezer to the oven. Dishes that freeze well really help stretch the leftovers.

  6. Great ideas! It looks like I’m getting snowed in instead of the grocery shopping that I was planning tomorrow. I guess it’s a good thing that Thanksgiving turkey leftovers are so versatile! We will be enjoying them for another day or two.5 stars