Kitchen Tips

These kitchen tips will help you become the ultimate home cook. Whether you’re looking for kitchen organization tips, how to’s, or anything inbetween, you’ll find it here!

Whether you need to learn to fold a burrito, make breadcrumbs, use your Instant Pot properly, or substitute fresh and dry herbs, these tips and tricks will transform your home cooking!

When it comes to recreating a recipe, anything can happen. From realizing the milk has gone off to running out of eggs, it’s hard to predict everything.

Learning the secret to perfect hard boiled eggs can transform your deviled eggs, and learning how to freeze fresh herbs can ensure you have them when needed!

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How To Be Ready For Anything

Here are some tips to help you stay prepared for anything that can go awry while you're creating in the kitchen:

  1. Prepare - we like to make a lot of spices homemade and keep them in organized containers so we know how much we have of everything at a glance. Try freezing garlic, or herbs to add to your meals right from the freezer.
  2. Read - read a recipe carefully and try to time it out in your head. If you need to add onions then garlic, make sure both are cut so you aren't running behind while things are on the stove. If you don't know how to prepare a certain type of ingredient or don't understand a process, check this section for information before you start the recipe.
  3. Be ready - Understand substitutions for your ingredients. If you need to add something and realize you're out, be ready to think on your toes and get creative!