I love holidays because they’re a time to gather with family around the dinner table—one of my favorite things to do. Below is a collection of our tried and true Easter favorites.

Ham or lamb is the perfect main dish to surround with cozy sides and fresh spring vegetables (and, of course, deviled eggs).

Easter Dinner Main Dishes

Easter dinner is a time to gather and celebrate. Ham is a great choice, easy to prepare and everyone loves it. Lamb is another favorite that pairs beautifully with fresh spring vegetables.

Cozy Side Dishes

When planning a holiday meal, I like to include a cozy carby side dish. Below are our top-rated never fail favorites from mac and cheese to scalloped ptoatoes.

Make Ahead Easter Side Dishes

Let’s face it, a holiday meal is a big undertaking so below are a few recipes that I prepare a day or two ahead of time to make my load just a bit lighter on the big day.

Veggie Sides

Easter Brunch Winners!

These easy Easter brunch ideas will steal the show.

Easter Baking

All Easter

Finish off the perfect meal with adorable Easter desserts like Garden Patch Carrot Cupcakes or Bunny Butt Cupcakes. Even better, get the kids involved in making these super fun Easter Bunny treats like Jell-O Easter Eggs or Birds Nest Cookies.

Eggtastic Easter Ideas:

What would Easter be without some fun egg-centered recipes! So be sure to try some of these recipes during your next Easter celebration!

The fun doesn't stop here! Check out our guide for all things Easter to keep planning your perfect Easter dinner menu!