The ultimate in comfort food, potatoes are great for all kinds of side dish recipes.

They are readily available, inexpensive, and can be used in countless ways. It’s hard to resist the creamy, starchy, carby deliciousness of a potato.

Let us know in the comments below what your favorites are!

collage of potato side dish recipes

What to Make With Potatoes

Potato side dishes are great for baking, mashing and roasting.

  • Choose russet potatoes for mashed potatoes and fries. The starchy texture helps keep them fluffy.  I personally love the skins on when making fries or a roasted potato recipe. Not only is it easier (no peeling!), put it adds great flavor and texture.
  • Yukon gold potatoes have a creamy texture but hold their shape well making them ideal for roasting, mashing, and scalloped potatoes. Thin skins means no peeling.
  • Red Potatoes also have thin skins and a buttery texture. They are great for roasting, soups, potato salads and more.

Storing Potatoes

Keep potatoes in a cool dark place (and store them away from onions!). Potatoes should not be stored in the fridge as this can turn some of the starches into sugar and change both the flavor and the texture.

Spend With Pennies’ Top 5 Potato Recipes

The BEST Mashed Potatoes – Buttery creamy perfection.

mashed potatoes with butter and thyme on top in a white bowl
The Best Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Fluffy, creamy and buttery, these are absolutely PERFECT every time.
View the recipe

Baked French Fries – The secret to success is in the cooking method!

Crispy Oven Fries in a bowl
Baked French Fries (Oven Fries)
Crispy oven fries are easy to make and taste great! These healthy baked french fries will become a staple in your home!
View the recipe

How to Make Perfect Baked Potatoes – Simple. Perfect with butter or sour cream.

potatoes cooked on a sheet pan with garnish to show How to Make Baked Potatoes
How to Make Baked Potatoes
Potatoes are baked until the skin is crisp, & the insides are soft, white, & fluffy. Top with bacon, sour cream, cheese, or green onions!
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Scalloped Potatoes Recipe – Simply classic, super cozy.

baked scalloped potatoes in dish with herbs
Scalloped Potatoes Recipe
Scalloped Potatoes are the perfect potato casserole! Tender potatoes in a creamy onion sauce baked to golden perfection.
View the recipe

Loaded Mashed Potato Cakes – Great for any leftover potato recipe.

plated Loaded Mashed Potato Cakes
Loaded Mashed Potato Cakes
These loaded mashed potato cakes make an amazing side dish or light dinner or lunch! They are the perfect way to enjoy leftover potatoes and the flavor combinations are endless!
View the recipe

Bonus… this recipe is new but worthy of this list.

Homemade Pierogi – This is my grandma’s recipe and we think it’s perfect in every way.

close up of plated Homemade Pierogies
Homemade Pierogi
Try these tasty pockets of dough filled with smooth and creamy mashed potatoes and cheese!
View the recipe

potato wedges and fries


Most of our fries are baked or air fried because we like to keep it easy! Russet potatoes make great fries because they’re starchy which makes for a fluffy inside with a crispy outside.

If time allows, cut the potatoes and then soak them for cold water. This gets rid of extra starches on the outside for a crisp texture.

Garlic Parmesan Fries – Crispy fries are levelled up with garlic and parm.

Garlic Parmesan Fries on a plate with dip
Garlic Parmesan Fries
These fries are tossed in garlic butter and parmesan, then air fried until perfectly golden & crispy!
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Crispy Air Fryer French Fries – Extra crispy, less fat, less mess, less time. What’s not to love?!

plated Air Fryer French Fries with ketchup
Crispy Air Fryer French Fries
These Air Fryer French fries are perfectly seasoned, crispy, and golden!
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Homemade Poutine – A Canadian favorite, crispy fries, cheese curds and a rich brown gravy.

adding gravy to fries to make a Poutine
Homemade Poutine
Crispy fries are topped with cheese curds and smothered in a flavorful gravy to create this Canadian classic!
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Crispy Baked Potato Wedges – Great next to a burger or perfect alongside steaks.

close up of Crispy Baked Potato Wedges on a plate
Crispy Baked Potato Wedges
Perfectly seasoned and tossed in Parmesan, this is the best appetizer or side dish for any meal, including breakfast!
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Air Fryer Potato Chips – Homemade is best, season them however you’d like!

close up of cooked Air Fryer Potato Chips in the air fryer
Air Fryer Potato Chips
Crispy and perfectly seasoned Air Fryer Potato Chips are a quick and easy dish, perfect for a crowd!
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Rosemary Air Fryer Potato Wedges – Perfect as an appetizer or a snack.

plated Rosemary Air Fryer Potato Wedges with dip
Rosemary Air Fryer Potato Wedges
Crispy and perfectly seasoned, these Rosemary Potato Wedges are a delicious side dish, snack, or appetizer!
View the recipe

mashed potatoes in an instant pot and bowl

Mashed Potato Faves

Russets make great mashed potatoes because they’re so starchy. You’ll have to peel them first (if you’d like a rustic smashed potato, try Yukon golds instead) because the skins can be tough.

Instead of boiling, you can make baked potatoes for mashing and save the skins for potato skins.

No Boil Crock Pot Mashed Potatoes – Easy peasy while you’re making the rest of dinner!

Mashed Potatoes with parsley in the slow cooker
No Boil Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes
Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes are velvety rich. This easy dish requires no boiling, just simply chop & season and let the slow cooker do the rest! The result is smooth and flavorful potatoes which are the perfect side to any turkey dinner.
View the recipe

Mashed Potato Salad – This is the perfect way to use ANY leftover mashed potatoes.

Mashed Potato Salad in a bowl with a serving spoon
Mashed Potato Salad
This flavorful Mashed Potato Salad is the perfect way to use up leftover mashed potatoes. Sour cream & vinegar, plus mayo give it a delicious creamy tang!
View the recipe

Horseradish Mashed Potatoes – Creamy with a kick, these are amazing served with beef.

Horseradish Mashed Potatoes in a bowl with a wooden spoon
Horseradish Mashed Potatoes
Rich and creamy with a bit of a zing, these Horseradish Mashed Potatoes are a fun twist on a classic side dish!
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Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes – Off of the stove and ready in no time in the IP!! Make them a little ahead, they can keep warm in the IP too.

cooked Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes
Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes
Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes are the easiest, fluffiest mashed potatoes you will ever make.
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The BEST Mashed PotatoesHonestly the best. Buttery, creamy and all of the best tips to ensure perfection.

mashed potatoes with butter and thyme on top in a white bowl
The Best Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Fluffy, creamy and buttery, these are absolutely PERFECT every time.
View the recipe

Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes – Super rich and cozy with a little tangy zing.

close up of Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes with melted butter on top and salt and pepper shakers
Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes
These mashed potatoes are creamy & savory with the perfect amount of garlic & butter.
View the recipe

potato tots and twice baked potatoes

Cozy Potato Side Dishes

Easy Oven Roasted Potatoes – The perfect side for any meal from simple to elegant. Great next to hot dogs or beef tenderloin.

Baking sheet full of Oven Roasted Potatoes
Easy Oven Roasted Potatoes
Oven roasted potatoes are an easy side dish that goes with pretty much any meal!
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Potatoes Au Gratin – Thinly sliced potatoes and onions in a cheesy sauce baked until golden and bubbly.

potatoes au gratin in a baking dish with a fork
Potatoes Au Gratin
Tender potato and onion slices are layered and baked in a rich and delicious cheese sauce.
View the recipe

Twice Baked Potatoes – We love these because you can make them ahead and even bake right from frozen. Plus they’re super yum.

plated Twice Baked Potatoes
Twice Baked Potatoes
Creamy potatoes with bacon, cheese, and chives are baked until golden. These are the perfect side dish for any meal!
View the recipe

Homemade Tater Tots – So much better than bought and surprisingly easy.

plated Air Fryer Tater Tots with ketchup
Homemade Tater Tots
Crispy & flavorful, these homemade Tater Tots are the perfect side dish or snack for a crowd!
View the recipe

Air Fryer Baked Potatoes – Like everything in the air fryer; crispy, quick and almost effortless.

close up of Air Fryer Baked Potatoes cut open with butter and seasoning
Air Fryer Baked Potatoes
Air Fryer Potatoes are so easy to make. Serve with sour cream, bacon, and chives for the perfect side dish!
View the recipe

Potato Pancakes – The ultimate comfort food. Crispy potato patties with a hint of onion.

Potato pancakes on a plate garnished with sour cream and chives
Potato Pancakes
Perfectly crispy potato pancakes that are great for breakfast or served as an easy side dish!
View the recipe

Greek Style Lemon Roasted Potatoes – Perfect with roasted pork or chicken. These potatoes have lots of flavor with an almost

Greek Style Lemon Roasted Potatoes on a plate garnished with lemon and thyme
Greek Style Lemon Roasted Potatoes
Greek Lemon Potatoes are a delicious, savory side dish perfect for any day of the week!
View the recipe

More Potato Recipes We Love

Creamy Potato Bacon Soup

Potato Bacon Soup in a bowl with a spoon
Creamy Potato Bacon Soup
Creamy, hearty, and flavorful, this Potato Bacon Soup is perfect for lunch or dinner on a cold day.
View the recipe

Rosemary Steak and Potatoes (on the Stove)

Rosemary Garlic Steak & Potatoes in a pan
Garlic Rosemary Steak and Potatoes Skillet
Seasoned steak & potatoes are pan-fried with garlic butter & rosemary until perfectly tender!
View the recipe

Oven Baked Fingerling Potatoes

close up of Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with dip
Oven Baked Fingerling Potatoes
These roasted fingerling potatoes are the ultimate side dish. Perfectly seasoned & roasted on the outside, tender & fluffy on the inside!
View the recipe

Quick Potato Corn Chowder

bowls of Quick Potato Corn Chowder with a loaf of bread beside it
Quick Potato Corn Chowder
This creamy soup is loaded with corn, potatoes, and seasonings, and comes together so quickly. It's the perfect meal for a busy weekday night!
View the recipe

Cheesy Ham and Potato Casserole

top view of cooked Cheesy Ham & Potato Casserole in the dish
Cheesy Ham and Potato Casserole
This ham and potato casserole is a delicious and very simple dinner! It will be hard to resist ham and potatoes smothered in a homemade cheesy sauce!
View the recipe

Do you have a favorite you don’t see on this list? We’d love to be inspired and hear your ideas in the comments below


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