What is Delicata Squash? One of our favorite winter squashes ever!

This mild and creamy vegetable is becoming a new favorite and it’s no wonder. It’s so easy to prepare and works well as a side or addition to stews or soups.

After baking or roasting delicata squash, substitute it into an array of easy squash recipes like Butternut Squash Risotto, or Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Chili.

squash on a table to show What is Delicata Squash

What is Delicata Squash?

  • Appearance/Shape: Delicata squash is a variety of winter squash with a long cylinder shape, similar in shape to spaghetti squash and it’s between 4 to 6 inches long.
  • Skin: This attractive vegetable has a buttery color and greenish stripes that run the length of it. The skin is thinner than other winter squash and more delicate skin which gives it its name. No need to peel delicata squash!
  • Flavor:  It is so easy to prepare, so delicious, and creamy-sweet in flavor. It has a sweet buttery flavor like butternut squash. How yummy!
  • Benefits: Delicata squash is a relative to summer squash, and has numerous health benefits, making it the best choice for adding extra nutrition into your diet. It’s rich in potassium and dietary fiber, plus it contains vitamins C and B, magnesium, and manganese.

How to Pick the Best Squash

Look for one that is the desired size, and slightly heavy.

Check it over to make sure there are no cuts or bruises on the delicate skin. Go for a squash that is firm when pressed, not soft. Also, make sure the color isn’t dark—as it ripens it may turn orange and thus won’t last as long.

full squash on a table and one cut in half to show What is Delicata Squash

How to Cook Delicata Squash?

  • This squash is so versatile.  It can be cubed, stuffed with meat, or air-fried like in this Air Fryer Roasted Butternut Squash recipe. Roast it, or mash it like in this Mashed Butternut Squash recipe. Swirl it into a puree for a delicious soup. The easiest way to make it is in the oven like in this Roasted Summer Squash recipe. Or simply boil it and season as desired.
  • Not familiar with cutting or cooking squash? Just follow this guide. Once you see how easy it is to make delicata squash, it might become your favorite winter squash too.

To Prepare in Cubes:

  1. Slice squash in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds.
  2. Slice into one-inch sections.
  3. Slice each section into 1-inch cubes

Cube or Pierce:

If you aren’t cubing the squash then don’t worry about peeling. Just stab it all over with a fork to allow the steam to escape while roasting. Then rip the peel off after it cools.

Roasting the Seeds:

The seeds inside can be roasted just like pumpkin seeds. Just use this guide for How to Make Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, but sub out delicata seeds instead! Plus, any recipe that uses butternut squash will work well for delicata squash too! Try this delicious Butternut Squash Soup but sub out or add some delicata.

squash with one cut in half to show What is Delicata Squash

Storing Delicata Squash

Uncooked, this squash will last about 4 weeks on the counter. In a cool, dry location it can keep for up to 3 months. Once cooked, winter squash can be refrigerated. Simply place in an airtight or zippered bag.

  • Refrigerate: Store in the fridge for up to 3-4 days.
  • Freeze: This squash will stay fresh for 3-4 months in the freezer. Since it will soften once defrosted it is perfect to use for soups or purees after being frozen!

Savory Squash Recipes

What’s your favorite dish to make with Delicata Squash? Leave us a comment below! 

Roasted Delicata Squash on a baking sheet and plated with a title
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full squash and one open to show What is Delicata Squash with a title
plated Roasted Delicata Squash with writing


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  1. Can this delicate squash be used in soups? I sometimes use butternut squash in an Italian Sausage & kale soup. Looking for a little variety.