Tips and Great Ideas!

Any home cook can become a home ‘chef’ with a few of our easy kitchen cooking ‘tips and tricks.’ Elevate your gourmet game with our top DIY ideas for every meal of the day!

We can’t talk about tips and great ideas without mentioning these multi-use cooking and storage tips!

  • When it comes to baking be sure to measure flour following these easy tips.
  • Take a quick moment and write the date on your soon-to-be-frozen items.
  • Out of fresh herbs? Learn how to store herbs and freeze them for future use, or substitute fresh herbs for dried.
  • Always use room temp butter, cream cheese, or sour cream. When dairy products are cold, they tend to clump up and make blending twice as hard.
  • Thicken a soup or sauce by making a ‘slurry‘ and slowly stirring into a simmering stock or sauce.

Even if you don’t know everything, follow these tips and you can’t fail: you got this!

All Tips and Great Ideas!

Great Breakfast Ideas!

Our favorite tip when it comes to breakfast is anything that lets us get those extra zee’s!  For that, we love make-ahead breakfast ideas like these breakfast burritos, especially once you learn how to fold a burrito like a pro!

But if getting back to basics is in order, follow these tips on how to boil an egg or this easy Italian sausage recipe for a classic breakfast!

Easy Lunch Ideas

Some of the very best lunches come from leftovers! Leftover pizza or pasta anyone?

Or our favorite go-to salads like a classic Chef salad. Especially when we have figured out the secrets to keeping our lettuce crisp and fresh, and making our cheese last longer!

Dinner is a Winner!

Whether needing a quick dinner of grilled chicken and garlic bacon kale or picking the best wine for cooking for a delicious restaurant quality chicken marsala these tips will take the guesswork out of meal planning.