Why stock your pantry with store bought items when so many things can be created at home?

This collection of recipes has everything from condensed soups to spices like taco seasoning, and clarified butter!

We love cooking homemade whenever possible, including making homemade stock and pancake mix.

We plan one day out of the month to spend getting some recipes made for our pantry. My daughter loves to help with the task list, and it’s a ton of fun having all of the freshest homemade pantry items available.

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Tips for keeping the pantry stocked:

  • Add dates: whether it's a spice or breadcrumbs, add a date to the container so you know when it's time to restock your items.
  • Keep a list: ran out of something? Write it down for your next pantry cooking day!
  • Keep extra containers: we keep a few spare containers around for anything we add to our pantry.
  • Stay organized: keep everything labeled and in the same spot so you know what you have available and what needs to get used!