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Whether it’s summer or winter, barbecue recipes are the best. There’s nothing like busting out the grill in the summer and making a feast to remember with family and friends! These are our favorite grilled recipes, perfect for parties or a nice outdoor dinner!

I used to be pretty nervous around the grill, but learned pretty quickly how easy it actually is. Grilling food takes a lot less time, and you can’t replicate the flavors you get from grilling with any other method of cooking!

From easy side dishes like grilled zucchini and lemon parmesan grilled asparagus to complete meals like hobo dinner foil packets and Hawaiian chicken kebabs, you will not want to leave the barbecue alone after this.

Learn how to cook the perfect steak every time, or how to keep grilled chicken breasts from drying out. We have a ton of information to help you turn into a grill master!

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No matter what protein you’re hoping to barbecue, we have it. Grilled chicken, grilled steak, grilled salmon, grilled pork chops, grilled shrimp, you name it!

How long to grill each item depends on what you’re grilling and the temperature of your grill. Foods like asparagus and salmon will grill way faster than steak or chicken. Check the recipes you are using for the best grill times for each food.

If your grill has a top rack, this is a great spot to rest any foods that are finished cooking while you finish off the rest!

Resting your meat before you cut it helps to seal in the juices while finishing off the cooking process! For most meat, resting it for 10-15 minutes should do the trick.