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Uses for Vicks VapoRub

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Vicks is a great solution for the congestion associated with colds and allergies. But Vicks VapoRub isn’t just good for congestion; it has a bunch of other uses you’ve probably never thought of!

Get rid of toenail fungus: Spread a little Vicks on your toes every night before bed, then put a sock over it (to keep it from getting all over your sheets, yuck). The nail will start to grow back healthier and fungus free. Feel free to wear sandals again!

Stop the cat from scratching: Cats hate the scent of Vicks, so rub a little on the areas in your home you want them to avoid. It will prevent them from trying to claw your couch, rip your curtains, and sharpen their nails on your carpet.

Relieve sore muscles and arthritis: Rub some Vicks into it! Vicks has some anti-inflammatory properties that are great for achy muscles and arthritic joints. Just rub it in like you would body lotion into the affected spot and let it soak in.

Get rid of headaches: Got a bad headache you just can’t seem to shake? Rub a little Vicks on your temple. It won’t get rid of migraines or really bad headaches, but it will help to relieve those annoying, little headaches you get from allergies, dehydration, or heat.

Get rid of ticks: Ticks hate Vicks, which is great news for us! Smear a little Vicks near the tick and he’ll probably let go. Make sure you’re ready to kill him after he’s let go!

No more mosquitos: Putting a little Vicks on your ankles, near your shoeline, and some on your neck will chase away mosquitoes. They won’t be able to “smell” your blood over the scent of the Vicks. Since Vicks is safe for everyone over the age of two, the whole family can be bug bite-free!

Keep the pooch from marking his territory: Does your puppy like to mark his territory over and over again in your house? Take the spots he usually marks and rub them with some Vicks. It will cover his scent and help prevent future accidents on your couch and carpet.

Insect bites: Since Vicks has some great anti-inflammatory properties, it can help relieve the swelling and itchy from spider, mosquito and other bug bites. Just rub a little bit over the infected area and the swelling should go down in a few minutes!

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  1. Buy Walmart’s brand. It has the same active ingredients, and works just as well. It’s quite a bit cheaper also.

  2. Believe it or not, Diaper rash for kids, chafing for grown-ups (I won’t go into details)!! And no, it doesn’t burn! I didn’t believe it at first. I called my grandma one day bless her soul and she said Vicks for my baby’s diaper rash. She said she used to use it for us when we were little. Tried it, worked like a charm!

  3. Vicks is great for a coughing child or grown up. Rub some on bottom of your feet at bedtime and put on socks to lock in the vapor. No more coughing at night!

  4. If you are one of the thousands plagued with fever blisters, you know how the pain feels like it has roots into the bone. While Vicks may not heal the blisters any faster, it relieves the pain and prevents the skin from splitting or becoming crusted over.

  5. I camp 6 months out of the year in Montana. I use Vicks around my doors and windows AND around the lid of my cooler. I have not had any problems with mice, ticks, OR BEARS. It covers the sent of my cooler and the food within. Plus my nose stays unplugged.

  6. I wouldn’t use this for ticks, before the release they will always secreet the fluids that have the potional to make you very ill.

    However I must say it has helped me with the nightcouching as well, I had to use it this last week and I was very happy with it!

  7. I think Vaporub is a hot mess. It has turpentine oil in it, which can be toxic if ingested or breathed. The thymol and cedarleaf oil are questionable at best. The only “effective” ingredients are the eucalyptus and menthol. Get the essential oils instead of Vaporub.

  8. This sounds terrible but it really works. Use Vicks for diaper rash, or if you have a burning bumm. It stings for just a second, but immediate cures the problem!

  9. I’m not sure how it would work for mmosquitoes since they are attracted by a persons carbon monoxide and not blood. I think that is a myth. However what it does work on is putting a bit on a stallions nose so they can’t smell a mare or on the bottom of a male dogs chin (so he can’t lick it off) so he can’t smell a female in heat. It also does nothing when rubbed on the bottom of yourfeet for a cold other than srain your socks.

    1. I beg to differ with the vicks on the bottom of the feet . Myself and my family have used it numerous times to calm our coughs and it works well ! I asked my massage therapist why and on the bottom of the feet there are reflexology spots for the lungs !

      1. So this does actually work honest. The real stuff or generic? My family n I have a non stop cough now. Marie Carpenter fb a Pepsi girl let me know please

      2. I agree with Debora. I have lung problems and the nights that I rub vicks on the bottom of my feet, I sleep with so much less coughing and breathe easier. The left outer side of the foot, near the baby toe, is the area of the lungs in Foot Reflexology, so I rub a lot in there. It is good to rub longer than just a few seconds, to give the lungs that massage too!