One Minute Easy Chocolate Frosting

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This ONE Minute Easy Chocolate Frosting recipe is likely the quickest frosting you’ve ever made!

It comes together so fast and sets like a dream making this a go-to quick frosting recipe.  It’s perfect for topping cakes, brownies and more!

Life is busy you guys! But, I am a firm believer that we should not sacrifice amazing things, like dessert because of that! Instead of opting for something prepackaged, this frosting recipe is perfect for adding something sweet to any baked goods treat in just about one minute flat.


This ONE Minute Chocolate Frosting recipe is likely the easiest frosting you've ever made! It comes together so fast and sets like a dream making this a go-to quick frosting recipe. It's perfect for topping cakes, brownies and more!

How to Make One Minute Easy Chocolate Frosting

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I almost always have a big jar of homemade brownie mix on hand and when I whip them up, this is my go to topping! In fact, I’ve made this recipe a million times and used it to top everything from homemade chocolate poke cake to zucchini brownies.

This frosting sets very quickly, and when I say it really comes together in a flash, I’m not joking… ONE minute!! I use semi-sweet chocolate in this recipe, if you prefer a darker fudgy chocolate frosting, feel free to use dark chocolate instead!

This ONE Minute Easy Chocolate Frosting recipe is likely the quickest frosting you've ever made! It comes together so fast and sets like a dream making this a go-to quick frosting recipe. It's perfect for topping cakes, brownies and more!

While this frosting is incredibly easy to make, please make sure that you  the have cake/brownies completely cooled and ready to go before pouring it onto your cake/brownies! If adding toppings like sprinkles/m&ms they must be added immediately or they will not adhere to the frosting.  You can really dress this up with anything and everything including nuts, candies, and sprinkles.  

Another great perk of this easy chocolate frosting is that the process of spreading couldn’t be easier! Simply tilt pan to “spread” around immediately after pouring.

Items You Will Need for this Recipe

* Sugar* Stainless Steel Whisk*Chocolate Morsels


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Servings: 18 servings
1 Minute Chocolate Frosting
Prep Time:
1 min
Total Time:
1 min
Author: Holly N.
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: chocolate frosting

This ONE Minute Easy Chocolate Frosting recipe is likely the quickest frosting you’ve ever made! It comes together so fast and sets like a dream making this a go-to quick frosting recipe. It’s perfect for topping cakes, brownies and more!

  • cup milk
  • cup butter
  • cups sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  1. Combine butter, milk and sugar in a small saucepan.
  2. Bring to a boil over medium high heat and let boil for 45 seconds.
  3. Remove from heat and whisk in vanilla & chocolate chips until smooth and shiny.
  4. Immediately pour over a 9x13 cake or brownies.
  5. Let cool completely to set.
Recipe Notes

Nutrition information provided is an estimate and will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.

Nutrition Information
Calories: 145, Fat: 7g, Saturated Fat: 4g, Cholesterol: 10mg, Sodium: 33mg, Potassium: 62mg, Carbohydrates: 19g, Sugar: 17g, Vitamin A: 2.3%, Calcium: 1.2%, Iron: 3.5%

(Nutrition information provided is an estimate and will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.)

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This ONE Minute Easy Chocolate Frosting recipe is likely the quickest frosting you've ever made! It comes together so fast and sets like a dream making this a go-to quick frosting recipe. It's perfect for topping cakes, brownies and more!


Holly is a wine and cheese lover, recipe creator, shopping enthusiast and self appointed foodie. Her greatest passion is creating in the kitchen and making deliciously comforting recipes for the everyday home cook!

174 comments on “One Minute Easy Chocolate Frosting”

  1. So, I am addicted to this… I don’t actually use it for frosting… I use it for fudge, decrease a bit of milk and just store it in the fridge. Need a chocolate fix? Grab a spoon and grab a bite, or sometimes I will cut it in squares after it has set and just grab out a square whenever… Healthy in NO WAY, but crazy delicious!!

  2. I found your recipe while searching for a quick chocolate frosting for the brownies I had just made.  I was so excited to find a 1 minute recipe.  I started gathering my ingredients and discovered I didn’t have a bag of chocolate chips but I did find peanut butter chips.  We all know chocolate and peanut butter are meant to be together.  Frosting turned out perfect and my husband loved the taste.  Thank you for this awesome recipe.

  3. Exactly as described—quick, delicious, and easy to pour/set. Thank you! I added chopped pecans as a topping to half of the cake and left the other plain to make the family happy. It looks great.

  4. This apparently has been on here for a while, but it is so good, I had to chime in too! Great, great frosting recipe. I’m 59 and it’s the best frosting recipe I have now. I’ve already used it several times.
    If I could give it 6 stars, I would.
    And yes, rating stars are not filling in.

  5. I can’t see if this is posting 5 stars, but that is what I intended. Great recipe. I cut in half for half a batch of cupcakes. Used half coconut sugar, came out really great! Thanks! 

  6. Unreal! Amazing, easy, delicious and fabulous chocolate frosting. Thank you so much for your recipe!!

  7. Great frosting! super easy and oh so delicious. I didn’t have chocolate chips so I substituted mint Hershey Kisses with excellent results.

  8. If you have left over frosting, place in container and freeze for later use. Just a light defrost in microwave and instant frosting.

  9. Love love this frosting. I’m never usually anonymous frosting for brownies again 

  10. Thank you for sharing this easy and wonderful recipe. It is so easy to make. It is my go to recipe for frosting brownies.

  11. Thank you for sharing this wonderful easy recipe. It was so simple and easy. Enjoyed making it and eating it to!

  12. What kind of butter do we use unsalted or salted?

  13. Best and easiest frosting recipe!

  14. I was looking for something to add to my brownies and this was so good!! I didn’t have enough sugar so i put in 1/4 cup of powdered sugar and it came out great 

  15. Love this recipe! I use it often for cakes and brownies! Family loves it! 

  16. That was a really good frosting recipe! I was making dessert for my mom and dad and i needed a chocolate frosting for my chocolate cake and this worked out really good!

  17. Thank you Holly for this recipe. It was quick and easy . I had just made chocolate cupcakes and wanted some kind of frosting to put on them. When I saw your recipe I decided to try it. It worked out beautifully as all I had to do was spoon it over the cupcakes. It didn’t run off at all, just set up quickly and the taste was delicious without being overly chocolate kill. I saved it in favorites as I will definitely make this again. I look forward to trying your lemon buttercream next with the zucchini cupcakes. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Brilliant! I can’t wait to try this recipe! The cake is in the oven right now! My teen daughter and her friend are making their first cake! It doesn’t get any easier than this! Thanks for sharing! Sure to be memorable!

  19. This is a recipe from my childhood that I had lost- thank you so much for posting it!!  It was my Mom’s go to for brownies, and is such a delicious fudgey frosting. It’s very easy to make in the microwave; I combined all the ingredients except the chocolate chips and the vanilla and cooked on high power for 30 second increments for a total of 90 seconds, stirring after every 30 seconds.  Then added the chocolate chips- they melted easily and smoothly, beat with a wire whisk until smooth, then added the vanilla and whisked thoroughly.  Turned out perfect!

  20. Oops…I was so excited about how good this was  that I forgot to rate it when I left my review!

  21. I don’t usually write reviews but just came across this recipe tonight and it is amazing. I needed something fast for brownies and this is almost as easy as opening a can, but a million times more yummy. It is like a layer of fudge on your baked goods. Make sure you don’t scrape all the frosting out of the pan so the cook gets a treat!!! Will be back for more recipes. Many thanks!!

  22. great recipe ! Easy and delicious- thank you! 

  23. I find it a little bit too sweet for my taste and I only used 3/4 of a cup of sugar. I might decrease it to1/2 cup to a 1/4 cup next time. I also used 35% cream instead of milk and the consistency was still really good.

  24. I’ve made this several times. It one of the best I’ve used.

  25. Holly,
    Your frosting recipe looks like a winner. My husband is a diabetic and must keep tabs on his sugar intake.  Would this recipe work with a sugar substitute such as Stevia or Truvia?  I’m willing to give it a try and report my results.

  26. So yummy, very easy to make.

  27. I used unsweetened cocoa powder and it turned soooo good. The easiest frosting ever !

  28. This topping is delicious. I subbed almond milk since I didn’t have dairy milk and it was outstanding. 

  29. Is the sugar in this recipe granulated or confectioners sugar I made the icing and it was grainy I used granulated sugar and I cooked it 45 seconds after it came to a boil it never thickened up at all.

    • This uses granulated sugar. Mine comes out perfectly every time so I can’t say for sure why you had trouble.

      • I followed the instructions exactly as written and all the butter didn’t melt so it came out more like a ganache than a frosting and not a very good tasting one either. I do have butter pieces at the bottom of the pot so maybe that mixed with the chocolate left would be good but I’ve already soaked down all my cupcakes to garbage. I’m happy to hear others had more success but I won’t be using this recipe again 

  30. That was the perfect topping for a pan of brownies

  31. This is really good! And wow it sets crazy fast. I needed a chocolate frosting without whipping cream and this will now be my go to. It’s more like a ganache the way it pours. I might not add as much sugar next time. It’s super sweet. My kids love it. 
    I have a little left over and am going to use it to make hot chocolate. Yum! 

    Thanks for an easy, great recipe. 

  32. I have a recipe that makes a 9×9 chocolate cake. How would I modify this frosting recipe for it? Or do you have the recipe for the One Bowl chocolate cake which I assume is 13×9 in size?

  33. This is a great frosting recipe! It’s fun and easy to make, and great when you’re in a crunch for time. I made it for my nephews birthday cake last night, and it turned out great, and everyone liked it. Thanks!

  34. This is a no fail, easy, quick, delicious frosting.  We love it.  

  35. This is a great frosting. Grandkids said best brownies ever.

  36. is the 1 c. of choc. chips measured in a cup? Or by weight??? Isn’t 8 oz of choc. chips a cup?

  37. Very easy and taste delicious yum yum

  38. Very easy and taste delicious yum

  39. I’ve used this a few times this summer and loved it every time. Simple and very effective (read: TASTY)! But I haven’t baked in a while and couldn’t remember the temp to put my oven at, and went too low, so while I was starting the glace I realised my brownie mixture was still liquid in the centre. I went a ahead and hoped it wouldn’t all go to the proverbial bad place. 15 minutes later l, my brownies were ready. In between time, I whisked the glace for 30 seconds every 3-5 minutes and then put it back on the heat and stirred wildly just before use. It did not spread on as easily as it would have had I timed it correctly BUT it spread well enough tastes just as good. It’s definitely not one for making ahead of time but I love it regardless.

  40. Holly,
          Can this   Recipe be done in the microwave? 

  41. Is it possible to make it ahead of time? Let cool and then spread?

  42. Oh my goodness, where has this recipe been in all my 49 years of marriage and fear of chocolate frosting’s? It is fantastic and yes soooo easy!

  43. Can I use Confectionery Sugar for the recipe? 

  44. easy peazy and delicious!

  45. I have made this a few times now each time for brownies and I get big compliments. Today it’s going on choc cake for my son’s birthday it was requested, you know it’s good then. Thanks for sharing this I follow your instructions and it’s always came out great. This is a 10 star with my family…

  46. Holly we LOVED this!!!! I was out of vanilla (what????) so I used raspberry extract and it was perfect with the chocolate cake. 

    • OMGosh… genius. You just opened up a whole new world of possibilities… orange extract, banana, rum, maple… Thank you so much for sharing!

  47. Very easy and turned out perfect. So tasty I can’t stop licking the spoon!

  48. Lovely rich color and perfect taste.Perfect measurements too! Yum yum yum

  49. Would you be able to use this frosting on brownies that will be cut with football shaped cookie cutters? If so, should you frost then cut or cut then frost?

  50. I made it with almond milk instead because that’s all I had and it still turned out great! Very sweet though
    I like how easy it is to make 

  51. So easy and delicious! I will definitely make again! 

  52. I love this frosting! It’s my go to. It’s fast and easy and taste so wonderful. I’m actually making it right now as I type this message to go on top of my homemade ice cream cake.

  53. Would this work on a layer cake or best suited for a sheet cake?

  54. This recipe is way too runny. Had to wait until it set up and try to spread it. Thumbs down.

    • This recipe is intended to be runny and quickly pour over the cake/brownies. Once poured you leave it to set. I’ve made this countless times and never had to wait for it to set up (in fact, I have to be super quick to pour it before it sets).
      Hope that helps!

  55. Amazing!! Just made it and poured it over the 1 bowl chocolate cake . Thanks

  56. This frosting is delicious!!!! I used coconut oil instead of butter becaue I am lactose intolerant. I also used 2% lactose free milk. It turned out perfect! Thanks for sharing such a great recipe.

  57. Can you freeze this frosting? Has anyone tried? Results?

  58. Would this recipe work for a Texas sheet cake or should I double it? Also, does the cake have to be cool to pour it on?

  59. Does the cake need to be refrigerated with this frosting?

  60. Hi. Sounds like a great recipe. Can you use margarine instead of butter?

  61. This frosting was super easy and incredibly quick. My sister-in-law doesn’t like butter cream so this was a perfect alternative. It was creamy but it was not a heavy buttery frosting. A few guests said it was a bit too sweet. I am thinking that I could use only 1 cup of sugar the next time that I make it. I would end up with less frosting but I had more than enough for a 9×13 cake anyway.

  62. Outstanding frosting. Frosted a chocolate cake made in a tube pan. On top and in middle. Used milk chocolate chips. So good and sets beautifully. Thank you.

  63. I tried this recipe tonight and it was super easy. I was wondering if you could substitute white chocolate for the semi sweet chocolate chips?

    • I haven’t tried it with white so I’m not sure (but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work). If you do try it, please let us know how it turned out!

  64. Can I use regular butter or does it need to be unsalted butter?

  65. I made this recipe and will make it again. This frosting is DELICIOUS and easy to make.

  66. This recipe is NOT for cupcakes. I understand now why it says to pour on the cake. It was very thin when it was hot but it cooled quickly and was very hard to spread. On a positive note it is delicious and I will definitely use it from now on for my SHEET cakes and brownies.

  67. You need that much sugar with the chocolate chips? Is it to sweet? WHAT about milk chocolate chips?

  68. Have you ever made this recipe with half and half or heavy cream? If so, how did that turn out?

  69. It doesn’t specify if the butter should be softened first or not. Does this matter since it’s going to melt anyway?

  70. Can I substitute butter for vegetable shortening in the homemade brownie mix?

  71. Hi, for your one minute frosting you said “sugar”, is that regular white granulated sugar OR powdered sugar??? If it’s regular granulated sugar I think it should specify this in recipe as almost 99% of frostings I make are always powdered sugar!!!

  72. Love the flavour and ease of this recipe! I made this last night and could barely wait for it to set (it took quite a while). It’s delicious but today the texture seems a little grainy. It also isn’t as thick as it appears in your pics. Still amazing but did I do something wrong?

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the flavor of this frosting, it’s one of our favorites!

      As for the graininess, did it boil at a rolling boil for the full 45 seconds? This is the part that dissolves the sugar completely which should eliminate the graininess.

  73. I would like more recipes !!

  74. I love this recipe, however, the chocolate chips are not melting very easily so this one minute recipe is taking more like 5. I have to keep putting the pan back on the stove to get the chocolates to melt all the way, and it never seems to melt to a smooth consistency. It still tastes great. What am I doing wrong?

  75. I made a chocolate cake today and used this frosting for it! It was out of this world! We loved it! Thanks so much for sharing! This will be my “go to” recipe from now on!

  76. I’m more of a cook than a baker. But love the idea of an easy, homemade frosting. I can’t wait to try this. Thank you for sharing.

  77. This sounds really yummy. Thank you for sharing.

  78. I like your recipes. Is your book available?

  79. Recipe please for brownie mix and caramel poke cake. Also have u tried white chips and dying them a color of choice

  80. This looks amazing! I’m going to try it with unsweetened Baker’s chocolate because I’m a dark/bittersweet fan. I’ll let you know how it comes out. Thanks for sharing!

  81. I love recipes in fact I am addicted to them!

  82. This has got to be a life saver for Chocolate frosting. Can you double the recipe?

  83. OMG this is so good and sooo easy!

  84. Can I use dark chocolate chips because that’s all I have right now.

  85. Is this regular sugar or confectioners sugar?

  86. Would milk chocolate chips work too? Recipe sounds great – my kind of recipe – quick and easy but good.

  87. Ohhhhhh….mmmmmmm….geeeeee!!!! This is the yummiest frosting ever!!

  88. Hi do you think this would work with Hershey’s kisses?? Thinking of the special dark I already have at home, and being on a budget this has made me think lol!!

  89. Hi!

    What kind of milk do you need? Whole? Or could I use a dairy-free like almond milk? I know sometimes dairy-free doesn’t thicken up like whole milk, so I was wondering!

  90. That frosting is PERFECTION! I wouldn’t even technically need the brownies :) because straight off the spatula would be great lol!

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