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If you have an outdated CD collection or you’ve completely swapped over to MP3s, don’t toss them out just yet. There are lots of cool things you can do with broken, chipped, scratched, or unwanted CDs other than tossing them in the trash!

DIY reflectors: If you have a long, dark driveway that might be hard to navigate after sunset, make your own reflectors out of CDs! Just stake a slat of wood into the ground and nail an old CD to the stake, and put them on either side of the driveway. You can use them as reflectors on your mailbox as well!

Coasters: Glue a circle of felt to the colored side of the CD, and use them as coasters! It looks great in a music-themed room or even just as backup coasters if you have a party.

Mosaic material: Shatter some old CDs for great mosaic material. The reflective quality of CDs make them great additions to the plain and colored glass of your mosaics.

Make a scarecrow: Do the birds love your garden a little too much? Chase them off with CDs! Just dangle some CDs from tree branches and let them blow in the wind. It should chase off some of the birds that have been nesting in your garden.

Make a funky desk clock: If you purchase a clock building kit from a craft store, you can turn your CD into a little desk clock that will be as fun as it is functional!

Paint palettes: CDs are great for mixing paints. If you are an artist or someone who just loves acrylic painting, grab your CDs for an easy-to-wash and cheap substitute for an artist’s pallette!

Use them as craft supplies: Let your kids build Christmas ornaments or craft projects. The children will love having something new to play with!

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