3 major jars with rosemary and basil in them

Clever New Uses for Mason Jars

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If you regularly buy homemade jellies or preserves, or if you once tried canning and gave up, you may have a few old mason jars laying around.  Mason jars are fantastic for making jam and jelly, but they also great for other things too. Repurpose them, don’t throw them out!

Give them back: If you regularly go to a Farmer’s Market down the street for jelly, bring your old jars back to the farmers. They will appreciate it; mason jars aren’t cheap!

Seed storage: Glass jars are great for seeds; they’ll keep the moisture out while you store them!

Hold homemade bath salts: If you make your own beauty products, use mason jars to hold them. You can put mason jars in the fridge or freezer, so they’re great for storing things that can go bad!

Recipe in a jar: Measure out the dry ingredients for your favorite cookie or brownie, pouring it into a mason jar. Add a recipe card and give as a sweet gift!

Outdoor hanging candle holders: Hang mason jars from your deck or just set them on a table for a cheap candle holder! It will keep the wind from blowing your candles out.

Craft organizing: Mason jars are easy to label (you can just write on the tops with Sharpie), which makes it great for organizing your ribbons, little bits of fabrics, yarn, thread, needles, scrapbooking materials, and other crafts.

Yarn dispensers: Cut a hole in the lid of a mason jar, and line with a rubber grommet. Put your yarn into the mason jar, threading the end through the hole then closing the jar. You can keep your yarn together and pull out yarn as you need it!

Bathroom organizers: Hand four or five mason jars in a straight line in your bathroom for Q-tips, makeup sponges, cotton balls, and other assorted items.

Packed Lunches: Packing your lunch in a mason jar will keep you stuff from getting squished. This is not recommended for kids!

Drinking cups: Cut a hole in the top of a mason jar and line the hole with a rubber grommet. Slide a straw through the hole and use them as drinking cups!

Grow small plants: You can use your mason jar the same way you would a little terracotta planter!  It’s especially cute for growing herbs in the kitchen!

Flower Vase: Paint or decorate your mason jar, or just leaving it blank and tie a ribbon around it. Add fresh cut flowers and you’re done.

Organize your pantry: Since these glass jars are see-through, they are great for organizing your pantry! Use them for noodles, dry goods, flour, sugar, coffee… anything you need to organize. Also works great for pens, pencils, erasers, markers, crayons, paper clips, and other office supplies.

3 major jars with rosemary and basil in them







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  1. Thanks for giving me the idea that I can use mason jars as a good candle holder. My sister loves using scented candles and I think this is a perfect way for her to be able to keep them inside our room. Maybe I should look for nearby stores and see if they sell mason jars that we can use as home decors.