stack of newspapers

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10 Great Uses for Old Newspapers!

Newspapers are so ubiquitous, you may never have thought of anything to do with them other than dropping them in the recycling bin when you’re done reading. But newspaper is printed on newsprint, a very thin, fine grain paper that is useful all around the house, even after its been printed on. You’ll hold onto the Sunday addition after you hear about some of these uses!

Kindling: Save newspaper to help you start a fire in a fireplace as kindling. You can also roll them up tightly and tie them up, making a fire “log” out of the newspaper. It will burn for far longer than you think!

Deodorize: Sealing any kind of tupperware, lunch box, or reusable food container with a bit of newspaper inside with be deodorized by the next day! Also works for shoes!

Shine: Use newspapers on glass to make a streak-free shine. Use newspaper as you would paper towels; add a bit of your favorite cleaner and scrub the glass with the newspaper. No more water marks!

Garden: Lining an area with newspaper under the soil will prevent weeds from growing. Just cut holes in the newspaper where you plan to plant your flowers and you will have less weeding to do throughout the summer!

Shipping: Newspaper makes for a great cushion for breakable items you are shipping. Just wrap them around the object, then fill in the rest of the box with newspaper. It will keep them safe without the cost of bubblewrap!

Shoes: If it is raining or snowing, have everyone place their boots and shoes on a square of newspaper; it will keep the water off of your floor and help dry your shoes by morning.

Crafts:  Great as a disposable crafting surface to keep things tidy… and of course newspaper is perfect for paper mache!

Windshield: Place newspaper over your windshield in the evening and you won’t have to scrape ice off of it in the morning!

Garage: Place a stack of newspaper under your vehicle in the garage to prevent little leaks from staining the garage floor. The newsprint will absorb the oil or coolant and allow your floor to stay clean!

Pets: Line your pet’s cage with newspapers to soak up spills and messes. Newspaper is also great for potty training puppies. Cheaper than puppy pads and saves you time cleaning out their cages!

stack of newspapers

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