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Great Uses for Paper Towels

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Paper towels are great for cleaning up messes, and then you can throw them away. These ingenious towels save us from having to wash our kitchen towels over and over again. Paper towels also have some great uses other than wiping away spills. They can used in cooking and storing too!

      1. Wrap up your breakables: If you are shipping something fragile and are running low on bubble wrap, use paper towels instead! Just like newspaper, paper towels can be used to cushion your valuables when moving, packaging, and shipping.
      2. No-mess microwave bacon: No time to pan fry your bacon, but dreading the mess it leaves behind in your microwave? Try setting out some slices on a paper towel, then cover the bacon with another towel. They will absorb the grease and leave you with a no-muss, no-fuss breakfast in record time!
      3. Emergency coffee filter: Ran out of filters and need your morning joe? Use a paper towel instead. Though not as good as filters, the paper towels will hold up against the hot water and let you get through your morning until you can get to the store.
      4. Save your brown sugar: Put hardened brown sugar into a bowl and lay a damp towel over the bowl. The moisture will soften up your brown sugar overnight and save you a trip to the store.
      5. Fresh Veggies:  Not only can paper towels keep your lettuce fresh for up to 2 weeks, it will help keep all of your veggies fresh!  Put a couple of paper towels in the bottom of the crisper drawer in your fridge. The towels will soak up any rogue moisture that will ruin your produce and make your fruits and vegetables last even longer in the fridge.
      6. Strain away the grease: If you love making your own broths but hate scooping the grease, grab some paper towels to do the work for you. Just line a colander with the towels, and pour your broth or soup through. It will catch any little pieces of veggies or meat left in your broth, and will clear out a lot of the fat, leaving you with clear, delicious broth.
      7. Store bread in the freezer: Before freezing your loaf of bread, try wrapping it in a paper towel. The towel will soak up the moisture from the freezing process while the bread thaws, leaving your with delicious slices right out of the freezer. No more soggy bread!
      8. Save your cast-iron: Store all of your cast-iron pots and pans with a sheet of paper towel in them. They will help to prevent rust and dust on your pans, and they’ll be ready to cook with next time you reach for one.
      9. No more silk: Cleaning ears of corn can be a task. That silk sticks to you, your sink, and the corn, making it very difficult to clean. Make your job a little easier by rubbing the ear of corn with a damp paper towel. The towel will pick up all of those loose pieces of silk and leave you ear clean and ready for the grill

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Don’t forget to save those empty rolls too!

They make great gift wrap, are perfect for kindling!  They make great storage for yarn, knitting needles, ribbon and more…  Oh, and of course they are great for kids to yell through, color on and sword fight with!!

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