How to Fold a Burrito

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How to fold a burrito  to make sure it stays intact keeping all of your goodies inside!

All the pros do it and you can too! Next time you have a taco or burrito bar at your house, you can keep it mess free! Serve with a side of cilantro lime rice for a meal that’s sure to impress.

A tortilla laid out with all the the filling ingredients in the middle.

What Tortillas Work Best for Burritos?

Naturally, flour tortillas make the best burrito shells, they’re more pliable and less likely to crack or break. A steamed corn tortilla will do in a pinch if you can’t/don’t eat flour tortillas, but you’ll have to ensure it stays moist. If you don’t heat corn tortillas, they can easily become brittle and crack.

With any tortilla, ensure it is warmed/moist before wrapping so it remains soft and pliable enough to fold. It saves you from the liquid leaking out through a cracked tortilla.

How to Fold a Burrito

Make sure your tortilla is pliable enough, either steamed or warmed. Lay it flat out.

  1. Place a scoop or two of filling in the upper center of the tortilla, lengthwise.
  2. For the first fold, fold one of the sides in, then repeat with the top and bottom.
  3. Then simply roll up the other side in to wrap everything in and you are finished!

Tips for Folding a Burrito

There are ways to secure your burrito from the contents falling out. One of the best ways is to sear it in a saute pan after it is filled. Searing it binds the edges together, especially if there is cheese inside. It keeps everything melted together, like a grilled cheese!

  • Gently place the filled burrito in a hot skillet and let it heat up and bind the edges together by melting them.
  • Flip over and sear on the other side. Easy peasy!

Another way is to wrap the rolled burrito in either parchment paper or foil.

To avoid messy ‘explosions’, don’t overfill your burrito! Make sure it’s filled just right so everything stays inside. If you need a second burrito, make one and eat it! Especially for breakfast burritos, no one wants to start the day with eggs and salsa all over!

Burrito Filling Favorites

Top photo shows a burrito before being wrapped. Bottom photo shows the burrito during the wrapping process.
Top photo shows the burrito during the wrapping process. Bottom photo shows a burrito before being wrapped.
A series of four pictures showing the burrito wrapping process.

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