Kitchen Basics

If you’re a new cook or a ‘seasoned’ cook (pun intended), this is where we share all the basic tips and tricks for recipe perfection! Because when it comes to kitchen basics we’ve got you covered!

Our Kitchen Basics page is filled with all the best ways to take your cooking to the next level!

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Basic Kitchen Recipes

Every home cook needs to have a few basic recipes in their repertoire. Start your day off right by learning how to poach an egg or make a fluffy omelette.

For lunch, there is nothing better than the perfect BLT or a delicious burrito, especially once you have mastered the technique for folding a burrito!

And for dinner, help yourself to a juicy steak with a side of veggies, like asparagus or a baked potato.

Wherever you start your cooking adventure, we hope these tips and ideas make your everyday life easier and your time in the kitchen a little more fun.