Make a Box Cake Mix Taste Homemade!

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make a box mix taste homemade

How to Make Box Cake Mix Taste Like Homemade

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Cake mixes can be dry and the flavor a little flat, but it is far easier to dig out the boxed mix then it is to start a cake from scratch. So why not doctor up the box a bit? Make your plain old mix taste like a homemade masterpiece!

        1. Add extra fat: Fat makes things taste awesome, so try going a little overboard with the butter or oil. It will make your cake rich and give it that made-from-scratch flavor.
        2. Add some mayo: Adding a tablespoon of mayonnaise to any standard boxed mix will ensure your cake will stay moist and delicious longer. It will hold in the moisture without adding a million calories to the recipe!
        3. Use butter instead of oil: You can exchange butter and oil one to one, so don’t be afraid to try it. Butter is better for you anyway!
        4. Replace the water: Use milk instead of water to make your cake mix a little richer. It makes for a denser, more homemade taste and texture!
        5. Add pudding: Up the liquids you add to the cake and throw in a box of Jello pudding in any flavor. The pudding helps to thicken the mixture and make it rich, dense, and delicious!
        6. Get creative: Have you ever thrown some yummy add-ins to your recipe? It can take your boxed cake from drab to fab in no time! Try throwing in some crushed Oreos, chocolate candies, sprinkles, or even preserves. The only limit is your imagination!
        7. Add an extra egg: If you’re in a rush and don’t have time for all the extra details, try just adding another egg to your mix. You won’t believe the difference it makes!
        8. Make your icing from scratch: Even if you don’t have the time to make the cake from scratch, the icing should be. It is the main difference between the plain flavors of boxed cake and the luscious style of handmade treat.


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48 comments on “Make a Box Cake Mix Taste Homemade!”

  1. Do you all use an electric mixer for your cakes or can you just stir by hand.

  2. I want to make a Duncan Hines Butter Golden cake. If I add the extra 6T. of flour, should I omit adding the box of instant vanilla pudding? I wasn’t sure if adding both would be too many dry ingredients or not??

    • I haven’t tried it, but I would think that as long as you keep the total dry ingredients under 3/4 cup, it should work. Let us know if you try it!

  3. I’m surprised no one said to sift the mix a few times. It goes a long way to making it soooo much better. 

  4. Thanks For The Tips. I love Your Website. Keep up the Good Work.

  5. Can you add the egg, milk, and butter to a brownie mix?

    • What can I add to White cake mix so it will taste home made.

      • In the article, it gives many ideas, including replacing water with milk and replacing oil with butter. Those two things together will make a white cake mix taste amazing!

  6. I use unsweetened applesauce instead of oil or water. I makes the cake a little more dense but still quite moist.

  7. I love Matcha green tea…..So I added 4-6 scoops of Matcha powder in vanilla cake mix a crumble topping and glaze. My family loves it.

  8. Will the following work for an extra moist cake or will the cake shrink? Will I need to increase the liquid to allow for the added pudding mix?

    1 box white cake mix (pillsbury)
    1/2 cup melted butter
    1 cup milk
    1 box instant pudding mix
    1 extra egg

  9. I’m confused. Are you measuring the butter before or after it’s melted? I’m seeing comments on doubling the butter instead of oil if I’m understanding it right. So if the directions call for 1/3 c oil do we use 2/3 cups of melted butter? That sounds like an awful lot of butter.

  10. Would this work with brownie mix as in using butter instead of oil? Has anyone tried it?

  11. You say to double the butter. you melt it first?

  12. How do we adjust the recipe now that the companies have decreased the ounces of the cake mix from 18.25 to 15.25

  13. I added 2 more eggs used milk, also used butter doubled and added vanilla and almond extract. My cake shrank after I took it out of the oven
    So I had 5 eggs total
    What did I do wrong? Feels like sponge cake

    • The size of eggs might be the culprit or maybe your melted butter was hot or warm. I just followed the exact recipe you did minus the almond extract. And after reading your comment, I decided to add about 1/4 cup flour to the mix to be safe.

  14. I add coffee to any chocolate cake mix or brownie mix. I make sure the coffee is cooled. The coffee adds the pop to chocolate that makes people say WOW>,

  15. I add half an envelope of dream whip (or generic) – just the powder and a little vanilla.

  16. I love all of these ideas! Someone start a Pinterest “cake mixes pumped up”.

  17. Instead of adding water to your cake mix substitute the water with the pineapple juice. Even if it is a pineapple upsidedowncake mix still add the juice… it taste so much better and very moist. It will melt in your mouth.

  18. I always use butter instead of oil, add vanilla or almond extract (or sometimes both) and depending on the cake, flavor the water with instant coffee or juice (ie: chocolate cake with coffee or yellow cake with orange juice). I am going to try the hint with the milk or the mayo and see how that works too!

  19. I use a couple Tbsp of sour cream

  20. I do this all the time by adding vanilla flavoring to the cake mix. I especially love to take a white cake mix and add pecans, coconut and vanilla flavoring for a short cut version of Italian Cream Cheese cake. However, I do make my own cream cheese icing for it.

  21. I always sift the cake mix.

  22. I worked in a bakery for years and all the cakes are made from mixes, only they come in 25 pound bags

  23. I use butter instead of oil, double up the butter, add 2 extra eggs, and use milk instead of water. I usually buy the cake with the pudding in the mix. Would it make a big difference if I add another box of pudding? And it’s the first time I’ve heard of aging mayo and extra ap flour…I can’t wait to try those tips.

  24. If you add pudding to the mix, by how much do you increase the liquid?

  25. add 3/4 cup of flour to the cake mix and people will think you have made a homemade cake. When you go to spread icing on the cake it is much easier and the top layer doesn’t pull off. Have been doing this for more than 20 years.

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