Broccoli vs. Broccolini – what’s the difference?

Everyone has grown up with broccoli, but have you also enjoyed broccolini? Both veggies are loaded with green, crunchy nutrition, and they’re also easy to find year-round. But what is the difference between the two in terms of flavor and cooking? Let’s find out!

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What is Broccolini?

Also known as “baby broccoli,” broccolini is a hybrid of regular broccoli and Chinese broccoli. It has long, thin, delicate stalks and very small florets. Broccolini has a less bitter taste than regular broccoli and the florets have a mellow herb flavor.

What’s the Difference Between Broccoli & Broccolini?

Broccoli is thick and hardy and takes longer to cook because of its size. Broccolini sprouts are smaller and more delicate, making them an easy addition to stir-fries and pasta.

Broccolini can be a little pricier than broccoli because it costs more to grow and harvest. While the flavors may be similar, broccolini has a unique appearance and a slightly different texture.

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Are They Interchangeable?

Yes! Just be sure to cut them to the proper size in each recipe. Broccoli stalks are thicker than broccolini stalks so slice them into thinner pieces.

Adjust the cooking time as needed to ensure they don’t overcook.

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Favortie Broccoli Recipes

Here’s a list of easy broccoli recipes that will be family favorites in no time at all!

Best Broccolini Recipes

Serve this elegant veggie in these recipes that are sure to impress the guests!

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