Long, slender, and elegant stalks of asparagus are healthy vegetables to add to almost any meal. Wrapped in bacon, air-fried to crispy perfection, or simply steamed with butter, asparagus is a quick and easy side dish.

Here are our best asparagus recipes to get started.

A collage of Asparagus Recipes

All About Asparagus

  • When purchasing asparagus choose firm stalks. The heads should be tight with a slightly purple color to them.
  • Slender stalks are a little more delicate and require less cooking time than thicker stemmed ones.
  • To keep asparagus fresh, wrap the stalks in wet paper towels and store them in the crisper drawer in the refrigerator. Or place them in a jar of water (like flowers), with a plastic bag loosely covering the tips. It will stay fresh in the refrigerator for 5 days or so.
  • It is important to break off the ends of the asparagus before cooking, especially thicker stalks. To do so, simply break off the ends. They should snap at the proper place. Optionally, thicker stems can be peeled with a potato peeler.

How to Cook Asparagus

Here are 6 basic and simple ways to cook asparagus. It can easily be overcooked so whether air frying, roasting, or cooking it on the grill, keep an eye on it.

Easy Oven Roasted Asparagus is an easy peasy recipe. Why we love it: Roasting at a high temperature will develop caramelized brown bits which add extra flavor!

a plate of roasted asparagus with salt and pepper
Oven Roasted Asparagus
These asparagus spears are caramelized in the oven until perfectly roasted and tender!
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Steamed Asparagus is a quick and easy recipe! Why we love it: We love it because it’s healthy and great to add to other recipes or simply serve with butter, salt & pepper.

steamed asparagus on a plate with butter
Steamed Asparagus
Follow these handy tips for a fool proof asparagus side dish!
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Air Fryer Asparagus is simple but tastes elegant! We love it because it comes out just as good as roasted in a fraction of the time.

Air fryer asparagus on a serving tray
Air Fryer Asparagus
This crispy air fryer asparagus is ready in under 15 minutes with just a few pantry staples!
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Easy Grilled Asparagus will be the side dish of the summer. It is perfect to serve alongside grilled chicken or steak and we love that the whole meal can be cooked on the grill.

grilled asparagus on a plate with parmesan and lemon
Easy Grilled Asparagus (with Parmesan)
Lemon Parmesan Grilled Asparagus is a delicious summer treat, perfect alongside any steak or barbecued chicken dish!
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Sauteed Asparagus with mushrooms cooked in a buttery garlic sauce. We love that this simple side takes just a few minutes to prep.

Sauteed Asparagus and Mushrooms on a serving dish
Sautéed Asparagus and Mushrooms Recipe
Asparagus and mushrooms are sautéed in garlic, butter, and a dash of aminos or soy sauce for an awesome low carb side dish everyone will love.

Pickled Asparagus is a good way to preserve the summer harvest for a little while longer.

The tops of pickled asparagus peeking out of a canning jar
Pickled Asparagus
Asparagus spears pickled in a vinegar, garlic, and dill brine to preserve the delicious flavors of spring. Quick pickled asparagus can't be beat!
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Recipes with Asparagus

There are so many ways to prepare this healthy and slender vegetable. It can be breaded and used as an appetizer, tossed with some parmesan, baked with salmon, or turned into a creamy soup.

Oven Baked Asparagus Fries This recipe turns those healthy stalks into tender spears crusted in a delicious crisp coating. They are the perfect side dish or appetizer.

close up image of the tips of breaded asparagus
Oven Baked Asparagus Fries
Crispy oven baked asparagus fries, coated in a mixture of Parmesan and bread crumbs!
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Roasted Parmesan Asparagus pairs asparagus with parmesan and a touch of garlic. So flavorful!

Parmesan roasted asparagus on a serving platter with parmesan and garlic.
Roasted Parmesan Asparagus
This Parmesan Asparagus is fresh & flavorful. Asparagus tossed in garlic and parm, then oven-baked!
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Asparagus Salmon Foil Packets include highly seasoned salmon and asparagus doused in herb butter and wrapped up in a packet to bake in the oven. The result? Tender and flaky salmon with juicy asparagus on one sheet pan!

A fillet of salmon sitting on foil with a lemon wedge and asparagus
Asparagus Salmon Foil Packets
Salmon has never been easier to cook, nor has it ever tasted better, lightly seasoned, doused in herb butter, and wrapped up in a packet to bake in the oven. As an extra bonus, crunchy but tender asparagus cook right alongside the salmon so you have a complete meal and no mess.
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Salmon Asparagus Frittata is a healthy brunch addition that the family will love.

Frittata in a pan with asparagus and salmon
Salmon Asparagus Frittata
Diced potatoes are pan-fried, mixed with salmon and asparagus, then topped with an egg mixture and baked until set.

Creamy Asparagus Soup is just one of those comforting dishes that is delicious served hot or cold. Made with healthy asparagus, some heavy cream, and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese, this soup is so creamy and delicious.

a bowl of asparagus soup garnished with parmesan
Creamy Asparagus Soup
This asparagus soup is fresh, creamy, and full of flavor!
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Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus is the best way to cook up all that summer asparagus. In this recipe, slender stalks of asparagus are wrapped in smoky bacon and roasted to perfection on the grill or in the oven.

bacon wrapped asparagus on a plate
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
Green bundles of asparagus are wrapped in savory bacon and roasted to tender perfection.
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Creamy Pasta Primavera is a light pasta dish that is loaded with a colorful array of fresh spring vegetables (like asparagus) that are coated in a parmesan cream sauce. This meal is so quick and easy to make for a light dinner on a warm summer night.

close up of plated Pasta Primavera
Creamy Pasta Primavera
Delicious pasta primavera is filled with spring vegetables and a parmesan cream sauce. For easy clean-up, it's made in a single skillet!
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Garlic Butter Sheet Pan Shrimp is an impressive meal that can be made with a simple sheet pan.  This dish is so colorful and healthy.

parsley and lemon over sheet pan roasted potatoes and shrimp
Garlic Butter Sheet Pan Shrimp
Sheet Pan Shrimp is an easy way to make an elegant and tasty supper using just one pan!
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Creamy Asparagus includes a white sauce that is almost like an alfredo. So creamy and smooth, and of course delicious.

Creamy Asparagus on a plate with a fork and seasonings
Creamy Asparagus (stovetop)
Chopped asparagus in a velvety cream sauce is a recipe for pure comfort.
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Leave a comment below and let us know what your favorite asparagus recipe is!

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