So, what exactly are cheese curds?

They are a super fun, pop-in-your-mouth dairy treat that squeaks when you bite ‘em! But eat them quickly because these bites don’t last for long in my house!

cheese curds in a bag to show What are Cheese Curds

What are Cheese Curds?

Cheese curds can be made from nearly any heavily milk-based cheese, but cheddar cheese curds are the most common!

Cheese curds are “young” forms of cheese and are often packaged and sold as the by-products of regular cheese before it goes through the aging process. Cheese curds are most popular in the Canadian dish called poutine!

How to Serve Them

In addition to poutine, cheese curds are great breaded and deep-fried. Serve them with a bit of aioli or marinara sauce for dipping.

These little bites are great added to a charcuterie board! Use cheese curds as part of an Antipasto Platter or alongside an assortment of pickled veggies like Pickled Asparagus, Easy Pickled Eggs, Refrigerator Pickles, or some Quick Pickled Jalapenos.

bag of cheese to show What are Cheese Curds

Where to Buy Cheese Curds

  • In the grocery store, check in the deli or near the produce aisle. Cheese curds are usually sold in bags. If you don’t see them, ask the grocer.
  • If you have a local cheesemaker or cheese shop, these are great places to check for curds.
  • You can also order cheese curds online.
close up of cheese to show What are Cheese Curds with writing
cheese curds in bags to show What are Cheese Curds with writing


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  1. Is there supposed to be a recipe for cheese curd? It tells you what it is and uses for cheese curd and where to buy it but no diy recipe for cheese curd??