Apples are a foundation of the American diet and are considered America’s number one food. 

There are hundreds of varieties of apples grown all over the United States year-round! The best apples for apple pie and apple crisp can be mixed and matched, find our favorites below!

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What Kinds of Apples are Best for Baking?

The best apples for baking are tart and tangy and they hold their shape (and some texture) after baking. Some of our favorite baking apples are:

  • Granny Smith: a tart, almost sour apple that bakes beautifully.
  • Jonagold: a cross between a Jonathan and a Golden Delicious.
  • Honeycrisp: an apple with a name that speaks for itself. It is crispy and sweet like honey!
  • Pink Lady or Cripps Pink:  a crisp, sweet-tart apple that is a popular choice.

The first two varieties are the true mainstays of the classic American apple pie. But don’t let that stop you.

A firm, spicy-sweet Braeburn provides a more savory flavor, but also tastes great when it’s baked into an apple crisp or wrapped in pastry dough. It’s also perfect for dessert-like baked apples.

Kinds of Apples

Good baking apples are firm, and without bruises or blemishes.

  • A Cortland with its snow-white colored flesh will hold up beautifully in salads or kabobs.
  • Winesaps are good for out-of-hand eating, or for making cider or applesauce. And it’s perfect on a cheese platter, too.
  • Rome Beauties or Romes are One of the prettiest apples for simply decorating a holiday table with. These apples have a more mild flavor and will hold up well in lunchboxes and backpacks and are popular with the kids!

Apples can often be kept fresh for several weeks or months if stored in a cool dry space out of direct light. It’s no wonder apples are America’s favorite fruit!

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  1. Nothing but fresh Fuji apples at this house. Crisp, sweet, and tangy – stores well, holds up when cooked and is wonderful to bite into. Best all round from this bunch. Would rather pay a few cents more for Fuji !