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10 Great Uses for Olive Oil!

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Olive oil is a healthy alternative to butter, vegetable oils, and other fatty oils. It has been used for all sorts of things for thousands of years, including health, beauty, cooking, and disease prevention. It’s a great tool for your whole house!

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Be sure to check out one of my best tips (which can also use Olive Oil)!

  1. Mani pedi: Olive oil is makes a great soak for your nails; mix a few teaspoons into some warm water and soak your hands and feet!
  2. Zip it up: Free a stuck zipper with a q-tip dipped in olive oil. It will slide right open.
  3. Good for kitties: Drizzle olive oil over a cat’s food to help prevent hairballs and make their coats nice and shiny.
  4. Smooth skin: Olive oil is great for your skin. Spritz a water/olive oil mix over your skin after a shower, use it as a shaving lotion or aftershave, even use it before a body scrub to keep your skin naturally hydrated.
  5. Fix a squeaky door: Olive oil works a lot like WD40, without the harsh chemicals or the smell.
  6. Condition leather: To keep that leather sofa or jacket soft and prevent cracking, make sure to rub a little olive oil into it with a shammy. The leather will absorb the oil and will shine like new!
  7. Treat lice: No more trips to the store for lice treatments! Just grab some olive oil out of the pantry and rub it into your child’s scalp. Wait about 40 minutes before rinsing, then shampoo twice. No more lice!
  8. Make Up Remover:  Head off to bed and just realized you ran out of make up remover?  Put a little olive oil on a cotton pad and it will take off your eye makeup, even waterproof mascara and eyeliner!  (Not to mention, it’s a great moisturizer!)
  9. Massage time: Mixing olive oil with a little bit of essential, scented oil (or just using it alone) will make for the most natural, healthy, and beneficial massage oil ever.
  10. Remove stickers: Get the sticky off with olive oil! Also removes sap and super glue from your fingers.  One of my favorite tips…  use it to make homemade goo remover!  This stuff is like MAGIC!

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