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10 Great Uses for Vinegar!

You can find vinegar in almost every pantry. It makes for great salad dressings and dyed Easter eggs, but there are a whole lot more uses. Buy this stuff in bulk!

1. Cleaning: Did you know vinegar can be used to clean almost anything? Chrome, silver, computer mice, toilets, mini blinds, piano keys, carpets, grease stains, water rings, leather furniture, coffee makers… The list is almost endless. You can add one part vinegar to one part water in a spray bottle and clean the whole house! Don’t like the smell? Add a little lemon juice!  (Here are 5 Great Homemade Bathroom Cleaner recipes!)

2. Fabric softener: Add a ½ cup to a small load of laundry and your clothes will be cleaner and softer!

3. Sticker remover: Vinegar will remove stickers from almost any surface, including furniture and cars. You can finally get those bumper stickers off your car without damaging the paint!

4. Easy, no scrub microwave cleaner: Get out all the crusted on gunk out of your microwave with a bowl of vinegar and water. Mix one part vinegar to four parts water and nuke it for five minutes. Once the solution cools down again, you can use it to wipe down the inside of the microwave with no effort.

5. Dishwasher optimizer: A dirty dishwasher won’t get your dishes clean! Add a little vinegar to your dish soap and run it. It will save you money and time on re-washing dishes.

6. Tenderize meat and fish: Soaking your meats before you cook them in some vinegar (any type) will break down the harder fibers and make the meat more tender. It will also help to remove any impurities as well!

7. Hard boiled to perfection: Add just a couple of tablespoons to your hard boiled eggs will make them easier to de-shell and less likely to crack while cooking.

8. Clean your hair: Vinegar is great for your hair in so many ways. Not only does it clean naturally and get rid of dandruff, it also conditions too!

9. Goodbye bruises: Soak a bit of cotton in vinegar and lay it over your bruise for about an hour. That ugly bruise will fade faster.

10. Bathroom wonder: Vinegar works wonders on all the damage hard water can do to your house. Soak shower heads and faucets in a little vinegar to get them to flow better and get rid of build up. Wipe the glass shower doors free of spots and help prevent future ones with your vinegar-water mixture. Remove mildew or buildup from your shower curtains. Whiten the tile grout in your bathroom. Even use it to shine the metal bits in your bathroom!

Reader Tips:

From Debb:  A few tablespoons in half a sink of cold water will clean your store bought produce of pesticides, etc.

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  1. I keep packets of vinegar in my purse. I use it to clean off a table at fast food places before I sit down. Usually there is some food smeared on the table. I like putting white vinegar on my fries too. :)