10 New Uses for Alka Seltzer! (Perfect for making your toilet bowl sparkle!)

10 New Uses for Alka Seltzer

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Alka Seltzer is a common household over the counter medication and is usually used for stomach issues.  However, it has many uses that you might have never guessed!  If you’re trying to quit smoking or have a nasty bug bite, you may be surprised to hear that Alka Seltzer can help.  Read on!

      1. Clean a toilet. Drop in two Alka-Seltzer tablets and in twenty minutes you can brush and flush away any dirt and grime.
      2.  Polish jewelry.  Soak your jewelry in water and two tablets for shiny, clean rings, bracelets and more.
      3. Remove burnt on food.  Fill your cookware with warm water and 5 tablets and the bubbles will do the hard work for you.
      4. Clean out your coffeemaker. Run the coffeemaker through a brew cycle with water and 3 dissolved tablets and then run another brew as a “rinse cycle.” Voila!
      5. Clear a clogged drain. Drop 3 tablets into the opening for your drain and slowly pour a cup of white vinegar into your sink, then allow the hot water to run for around 4 minutes.
      6. Cure a urinary tract infection. Simply dissolve two tablets in a glass of water (just as you would for its normal use) and then drink.  It won’t help with a full-blown infection but can help you stop one early.
      7. Go fishing.  Fish are attracted to the bubbles!   Who would have thought?  Just break off a piece and put it in a hollow plastic tube jig.
      8. Whiten your laundry.  Fill a sink or bucket with hot water and drop in 3 tablets.  Soak your whites for up to 30 minutes before laundering!
      9. Get help quitting smoking. This sounds crazy but if you are going through nicotine withdrawal you are probably willing to try anything.   Two Alka-Seltzer tablets three times a day will help you to manage those nasty cravings.
      10. Calm itchy insect bites. Dissolve two tablets in water and then soak a cotton ball, rag or paper towel with the solution.  Lay it on the bite for about a half an hour.


Who’da Thunk?  Alka Seltzer is a very handy thing to have around whether you have a tough cleaning job or are coming down with a urinary tract infection. And you thought it was only for heartburn…

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