Great Uses for Parchment Paper!

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Unexpected Uses for parchment paper!

Uses for Parchment Paper

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Parchment paper is something I use almost every single day in the kitchen!  Nothing sticks to it and it makes clean up a total breeze!  Did you know there are more great uses for parchment paper than just cooking!  Read on…

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1.     Cook, of course:  It can be used to line pans or as a baking “pocket” or “folder.”

2.     Luminary:  Punch holes (or cut designs) along the edges of a strip of parchment paper.  They also make hole punchers with all sorts of fun designs.  Then, wrap the parchment around a votive holder and tape it with clear tape.  Ta Da!

3.     Divide Meat for the Freezer:  Try layering squares of parchment paper between meat (burgers, steaks, chicken, pork chops, and so on) before freezing.  This will make it MUCH easier to separate them later.

4.     Pizza! Pizza!  Using parchment paper to microwave leftover pizza can help it to regain the original crispy crust. Simply set the pizza on the paper and hit “cook.”

5.     Snack Server:  Make grease-resistant, adorable and totally handmade snack cones from parchment paper.  Pile popcorn, nuts, fries, fruit or anything else you can think of inside.  They are particularly great for greasy or oily foods as the grease won’t reach the snacker’s fingers!

6.     Hello Cupcake!  Run out of cupcake liners?  No problem…  just cut squares of parchment paper to line your cupcake wells and voila!

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