15 Great Uses for Lemons!

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15 Great uses for lemons!  Awesome for cleaning..  but so many other things you can do with them (besides make lemonade :) )!

15 Household Uses for Lemons


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When life gives you lemons, do way more than make lemonade! Check out these great household uses for all the lemons in your fridge.

  1. Decontaminate your smelly cutting board. Rub a half a lemon (don’t rinse) over the wood to detox it!
  2. Bug spray. Keep your kitchen bug free by adding a little lemon juice or a rind to your floor-cleaning bucket. No more bugs!
  3. The perfect manicure. Rubbing a lemon peel on your nails will whiten and clean them.
  4. Grind it up. Use a half a lemon in your garbage disposal and grind it to make your sink smell squeaky clean.
  5. No more blackheads. Squirt a little honey on a half of lemon and rub it on your face. Let the honey-lemon sit on your skin for about ten minutes before rinsing.
  6. Bright and shiny. Use lemon water to brighten and shine most metals, including copper, chrome, and aluminum.
  7. Deodorize the fridge. Dip a paper towel into fresh-squeezed lemon juice and let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours. Goodbye, stinky fridge!
  8. Remove paint. Lemon is highly acidic, and can remove paint from almost any hard surface, such as glass. It will also remove built up paint on paintbrushes.
  9. Two for one. Clean your aluminum pot and freshen the whole house at the same time. Simmer two lemons’ worth of slices in water for about a hour. Super clean pot and lemon fresh house, all at once!
  10. Happy and healthy. Lemon water has been known to help detox your body, help with asthma symptoms, and help to wake you up in the AM without caffeine.
  11. Straight, no ice. Lemon juice will help brighten your teeth and make your breath super fresh. Just take a sip right from the bottle. Also a cure for a sore throat!
  12. Delicate whites. Keep your delicate clothes a bright white with a little lemon juice in your washer. For really bad stains, soak the clothing in lemon water before washing. No bleach needed!
  13. Bright and shyny!  Rub a cut lemon on your faucets to make them bright and shiny!  This will remove lime scale and hard water stains.
  14. Burn it up. Next time you use your fireplace, add a few lemon peels to the flames. It will freshen the whole chimney to keep that smokey smell from hanging around the house.
  15. Clean hands. Rub your hands with a little lemon after cutting fish, onions, or anything else that sticks around. No more smell!

 OR!!  Make delicious Homemade Strawberry Lemonade!

fresh strawberry lemonade

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