How to Make Spider Halloween Cupcake Toppers

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Sweet Spider Halloween Cupcakes! These cuties are easy to make and can be put atop any type of cupcake! Love them on chocolate or red velvet!

These adorable spider cupcakes are so easy to make!  You can use any cupcakes for these little guys including your favorite homemade recipe or a boxed mix!  I like to use chocolate because I like the dark colors but they’d be adorable on red velvet too!  My friend Joan has an awesome Midnight Mint Cupcake recipe that would be a perfect base for these!

While the legs can stick into the frosting I find that glueing them with  just a little bit of melted  chocolate helps them to stick exactly in the position you want.

I purchased edible eyeballs but you can also use white candy melts.  Squeeze little dots of white candy melts onto parchment paper and top with dots of dark brown/black candy melts.  Refrigerate 5 minutes.

The great thing about these toppers is that they’re so easy anyone can make them!  I do love a great decorated cake (like some of these amazing Birthday Cakes for Boys I found over at Spaceships and Laserbeams… did you see the Spiderman one?) but sometimes I just need something quick and these fit the bill!

Items You’ll Need For This Recipe

* Peppermint Patties * Edible Eyeballs * Chocolate Chips *

How to Make Spider Halloween Cupcake Toppers

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  • 12 prepared & frosted cupcakes (your favorite recipe or boxed mix)
  • 12 York peppermint patties
  • black licorice shoestrings
  • 24 edible google eyes
  • 3 tablespoons chocolate chips
  • 1 tablespoon white candy melts

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  1. Cut licorice strings into 2" pieces.
  2. Place chocolate chips in a small ziploc bag. Microwave 20-30 seconds or just until melted.
  3. Squeeze a little bit of chocolate on each frosted cupcake. Place 6-8 licorice 'legs' on top of each. Squeeze a little bit more chocolate and top with a small peppermint pattie. Use melted chocolate to secure the eyes.
  4. Place white chocolate melts in a ziploc bag and microwave 20-30 seconds or until melted. Let cool slightly, you don't want them too runny. Pipe two fangs on each spider.

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These adorable Spiders are the perfect topper for Halloween Cupcakes! Easy to make and they can go on any cupcake!

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