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How to Keep Bananas Fresh Longer (plus some of my favorite banana recipes!)

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Bananas are nutritious and delicious.  They are wonderful in smoothies, on peanut butter sandwiches and can even be made into an “ice cream” of sorts.  However, they can turn brown in no time at all, great for baking but not for snacking!  That’s annoying and sometimes keeps people from buying this awesome fruit.  After all, you don’t want to eat a whole bunch in a few days and if you wait too long they go bad.  Here are a few tips for keeping them fresher longer that will make buying them seem like less of a waste!

  • Look for bananas that have some green on each end and are blemish free.  Bananas that are yellow or have blemishes are pretty ripe.
  • Once you get your bananas home, separate them and wrap the very top stem of each banana with plastic wrap!  This little trick will keep them fresh for at least 3-5 extra days!
  • Keep your bananas on the kitchen counter in a room that is less than 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A peeled banana can be kept fresh by dipping it into an acidic substance such as citrus juice.  This is helpful if you are using sliced bananas in a dish or a display.  A brown and mushy banana is not aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you are making banana pudding for the holidays or love to keep bananas on hand for smoothies or snacks, they can ripen quickly and be very displeasing to the eye (and palette) in no time. You’ll actually be amazed how long they can last just covering them with a bit of saran wrap!

If your bananas do go brown, no worries!  Bananas are not only delicious, they keep your baking moist and delicious and can be used in many different recipes!!

If your bananas are browning, you can also freeze them to make banana pops.

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aa slice of tropical banana snack cake with lime frosting on a little white plate with the cake in the backgroundbanana pudding in a trifle dish with a titlea slice of banana cheesecake topped with whipped cream and pecans with the whole cheesecake in the backgrounda serving of Banana Pudding Cake with ice cream on a white plate with bananas and a casserole dish in the background The BEST Banana Cake. with icingfrosted banana muffinsEasy Banana Bread


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  1. Wow this is a very helpful blog post. I love bananas!!! So every tip is useful for me. And you have loads of banana recipes too :)

  2. The Best Banana Cake is truly the best banana cake ever! I’ve made it many times, and it is the best cake I’ve ever had!

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