When busy days call for something quick & easy, frozen homemade cookie dough is a lifesaver!

Ever wondered how to freeze cookie dough? It’s easy, just freeze it in balls for small-batch cookies or in a long tube-like roll for easy slicing. Baking cookies has never been easier!

pieces of cookie dough on a baking sheet to show How to Freeze Cookie Dough

Pumpkin chocolate chip, peanut butter blossoms, or no-roll sugar cookies easily go from freezer to oven, ready for last-minute get-togethers, parties, or even just a movie night at home!

Freezing Cookie Dough

Get a head start on the holidays by freezing cookie dough in advance! Especially if you’ve got little ones who need an activity while you’re busy doing other things! Simply thaw out a few slices, bake, and let the kiddos decorate!

Start by preparing the dough for your favorite cookie recipe.

cookie pieces in a bag to show How to Freeze Cookie Dough

What Shape to Freeze Cookie Dough in?

  1. Freezing cookie dough in logs allows for easy slicing with a sharp knife (or unflavored dental floss) to produce uniform cookies. This method is great for sugar cookies that can be decorated once they are baked and cooled.
  2. Freezing dough in balls is good for simply baking a few cookies at a time and make for great grab-and-go last-minute homemade gifts!
  3. It’s even easy to freeze cut-out cookie dough, just freeze on a sheet pan first and then put them in a zippered bag. Running late for an event? Bust out a dozen or two and be the baker hero!

How to Freeze Cookie Dough

Freeze cookie dough in a log or in balls in a zippered bag with the date labeled on it. Chill the dough so it is easier to shape before freezing.

  • For logs: shape the chilled dough into a log, wrap in plastic wrap and then seal in a zippered bag.
  • For cookie balls: shape chilled dough, freeze the balls on a baking sheet. Once frozen, place in a freezer bag.

What is the Best Cookie Dough to Freeze?

Any kind of cookie dough can be frozen easily! Chocolate chip, sugar cookies, peanut butter, and even shortbread can be easily frozen! Just be sure to label the zippered bag with the date!

How to Bake Frozen Cookie Dough

That’s what makes this method so amazing! Cookie dough can go straight from frozen to baked in mere minutes! Just bake the cookies about 2 to 3 minutes longer than if the cookie dough was at room temperature, that’s all there is to it!

How long will Frozen Cookie Dough Last?

Frozen cookie dough will last in the freezer for about three months. For the freshest cookies, be sure to mark the date on the outside of the bag.

cookie dough on a cookie sheet with a bag of cookie pieces to show How to Freeze Cookie Dough
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