How to Check Eggs for Freshness!

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eggs in a cardboard egg container

How to Check Eggs for Freshness!

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How do you know if your eggs are perfect, safe, and healthy to eat, or starting to go bad? Well, you can check the sell by date. Oh no! The sell by date has been removed, misprinted, or was never there in the first place. What do you do?

Drop them in cool water: As the eggs age, chemical build up in the egg makes them less dense. So the older they are, the more they will float.

  • Eggs that sink to the bottom are fresh and healthy to eat.
  • If they hover around the middle, they need to be cooked thoroughly, but are still safe to eat.
  • Throw away any that float in the water! They are bad eggs.

Other great tips…

Check the egg for discoloration: If the eggs look funny, or even have dark splotches or little cracks in them, toss them. There’s no need to suffer through a bad egg!

Take care of them: Taking proper care of your eggs will ensure that you will always always have fresh eggs, and you won’t have to worry about them spoiling. Make sure to keep the eggs on the racks of the fridge and not the door. Also, keep the eggs in their container, so you can always find their expiration dates. Then you know for sure if you eggs are safe to eat at just a glance!

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