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Quick Tip: How to Fix a Dish that is Too Salty

Over seasoned the soup? No a problem! Here are a few quick fixes for overly salty stews, sauces and everything else.

Add some starch: Drop a half of an uncooked potato into your salty pasta sauce and say goodbye to over-seasoned sauce!

Dilute the soup: Add a little more water to your soups and stocks to help even out the salt content. Add about ½ cup at a time to keep from over watering.

Add Some Sugar: Adding a little brown sugar to your meat dish will help to balance out the salt. Try adding it 1 teaspoon at a time, so you don’t end up with an overly sweet dish!

Make a double batch: Think you can’t save it? Add some more veggies, stock, or whatever components you have to make a double batch. Just don’t add the salt this time!

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  1. Make 2 or 3 ball from wheat flour and put it in sauce for few minutes and then remove it, it will soak all the salt

  2. According to the Kidney Clinic that my husband now goes to regularly, ( because he ate too much salt and he had kidney failure ) people are NEVER supposed to cook with salt. There are other much safer things to cook with to add flavour to your meals. Salt is a very dangerous additive and will eventually play havoc with your health. When your meal is on your plate and IF you don’t have kidney problems, you can add a little No-Salt. Mrs. Dash is another one.