7 Uses for Mayo! (Yep, it has some surprising uses!)

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7 Uses for Mayo

As odd as it sounds, there are tons of great home and health uses for mayonnaise. Crazy right? It’s not just for sandwiches and dressings anymore!

Good for your hair: Condition your hair with mayonnaise!? Sounds crazy doesn’t it? The natural oils in mayo is great for your locks. Try it and you won’t regret it; just wash it out really well after a few minutes on your hair!

Erase marks from the walls: Kids use your walls for a crayon mural? No problem! use a little mayo on a rag to remove marks without damaging the paint!

Harden your nails: If you have weak fingernails, soak your fingers in mayo for about five minutes before washing. Your nails will become harder and healthier after a few applications, over time.

Get the gum out: Use mayo to effortlessly slid stick gum out of your hair. You can also use it to remove tree sap or tar from almost any surface.

No more rings: Have pesky water rings on your nice wooden furniture? Get rid of those stains with a little mayonnaise on a rag.

Soften skin: Use mayo as a moisturizing facial or on dry skin anywhere on your body. There are lot of skin-softening oils in mayonnaise that will leave your skin moisturized and beautiful, without chemicals.

Remove stickers: Get price tags and stickers off of objects with a little mayonnaise.

Here are more great uses from our readers!!

Pamela F.:  If you are making a chocolate cake it makes a good egg replacement if you don’t have any eggs

Crystal W.:  You can get grease out of your clothes with Mayo and Cold water! my mom using that all the time and it works!!!!

Krissy M.:   Put in your head over night with a shower cap kills Head lice and conditions hair at the same time. Also makes it easier to remove nits.

Dannele M.:  My grandpa taught me to use mayo in instant potatoes instead of milk and butter gives more body and better taste.

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