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Unique Uses for Coke

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Coca Cola is one of the most widely recognized brands of soda in the entire world. It’s a staple in most American refrigerators. But Coke is more than just a refreshing drink; it has tons of awesome household uses as well! Check out some crazy uses for Coca Cola.

No more rust: Have a rusty bolt that won’t budge? Soak it in Coke! The combination of the acids and the bubbles in Coca Cola cause the rust to dissolve and melt away, leaving you with clean, easy-to-turn nuts, bolts, and screws. This will also help dissolve any other unsightly rust spots in your home.

Bye bye oil: Get rid of oil drips and stains on the garage floor on on the driveway. Pour a can of Coke over the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Hose the area off and repeat if necessary. Your garage floor will look brand new again!

Good for your tummy: If your stomach is upset, don’t worry. It’s nothing a little Coke can’t solve! Open a can of Coke and let the soda go flat. Take a teaspoon of Coca Cola every hour until your stomach is set back to rights.

Easy Cake:  Toss a box of cake mix and a can of coke (or diet coke) in a bowl.  Forget the eggs or oil.  Stir it up and bake as usual!  It works, I’ve done this lots of times just be sure not to over bake!

Jellyfish stings: If your skin is itching, pour some Coca Cola over it! It can help soothe the pain of bug bites, spider bites, bee stings, and the even the dreaded jellyfish stings. It won’t make the pain go away, but it will help you through the worst of your itching.

Clean your john: Clean the toilet can be a chore, so cut your scrubbing time in half with a can of Coca Cola. The acids will clean your throne with little to no elbow grease. Just dump in a can let it sit for ten minutes. Flush. Now your toilet is spotless!

Tenderize your meats: Have a tough or low-quality hunk of meat? You can soften it up with a little marinade in the world’s favorite soda. Just add some Coke to the crockpot, or marinate the meat in Coke before grill time or before popping it into the oven. Yum!

Clean your clothes: Have a tougher than normal stain on your work clothes, like oil, grass, or dirt? Soak it in Coke! The acids in coke will remove your stains without damaging the cloth. Then just toss your clothes in the wash like normal, and run the cycle as hot as you can without damaging the cloth. Your clothes will be clean and stain-free again.

Slugs & snail bait:  Place a small bowl of Coke out for your critters.  They’ll climb into the bowl and won’t be able to get out!

Grill Sauce:  Run out of BBQ sauce?  Mix up some Coke with some ketchup, a dash of garlic powder and Worcestershire sauce and ta-daaa!  Instant sauce for the grill!  If you’d like it thicker you can let it bubble on the stove for a bit.





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  1. i have to try the meat tenderizing trick. never knew that. and the cake mix and a can of coke??? did anyone try this? i have heard of coke and chocolate cake but i never knew you could omit the eggs and oil!! if so that is amazing!!

  2. Probably not an approved use, but as a home health nurse, I have seen it used to clear a clogged gastric feeding tube.