chunks of whole coconut meat

Great Uses for Coconut Oil

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REPIN Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a sweet treat, made from the fatty parts of the coconut milk. It’s a healthy, vegan substitute for vegetable oils in the kitchen, and is used in baking and cosmetics around the world. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which makes it good for your whole body, inside and out! Check out these other great uses for coconut oil!  (You can grab coconut oil in most grocery stores, health food stores or you can purchase coconut oil online).

Moisturizer: That awesome, silky texture that is so good on your food feels just as good on your skin! Rub some warmed coconut oil right onto your skin to help rebalance your natural oils. It’s also great for your hair and nails, so rub it in all over!

Stretch Marks: Pregnancy and weight changes can cause stretch marks all over your body. To get back your pre-kid skin, rub it with coconut oil. It will help to clear your stretch marks and make your skin healthy, moisturized and happy.

Fungus: Get rid of toenails fungus and other nasty foot ailments by dipping your feet in coconut oil and rubbing it in. It will fight off infestations without that yucky chemical odor!

Gum: Get the gum out of your hair without scissors. Starting below the gum, rub coconut oil up the strands until you reach the gum. Then, starting from the roots, work your way down. Let it sit for a moment, then dip your fingers in some more oil. The gum should begin to slide around. You may lose a few strands, but it’s better than cutting it all off!

Lip balm: The yummiest of all lip balms, this natural oil will help to rebalance your chapped lips. It makes your lips soft and is safe for the whole family to use.

Replace Butter:  That’s right!  Coconut oil can be used to replace butter in lots of recipes including baking.  Use the same amount of coconut oil as you would butter!  It’s also delicious to saute veggies in or spread on toast!

Natural sunscreen: Unless you are very pale or burn easily, the low SPF of coconut oil may be enough for your summer outings. Rub it on every day for skin cancer prevention!

Acne: Getting rid of acne can be a chore, but you can skip the chemical scrubs and the burning lotions. Grab some coconut oil! Rub it gently into the infected areas, anywhere on your body, and watch the bumps fade over time.

Body Scrub: If your skin is super sensitive to store-bought body scrubs, try this instead: mix some coconut oil with sugar until the oil is grainy. The scrub will last combined together in a air-tight jar for six months to a year, so make a bunch, then rub it in!

Insect Bites: The inevitable mosquito bites on your ankles won’t stand up to the healing power of coconut oil! Rub a little onto the bites to help easing the itching, clear the inflammation, and get your skin back to clear and pretty in no time.

Season a Cast Iron Pan:  Coconut oil can be used to season a cast iron pan!  Check out the Farm House on Boone for the how to on this!

Wood Polish: Take a little bit of oil out of the jar with a rag and rub it into your sealed wood furniture. The oil will shine up your wood, and no cleaner smell or streaks!

chunks of whole coconut meat


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