Eggs Are Not Just for Eating! 10 Great New Uses for Eggs!

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10 Unique Uses for Eggs

ways to use eggs

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Eggs are one of the best, most versatile breakfast foods. Who doesn’t like a nice hard-boiled egg or a side of scrambled? But eggs are great for all sorts of other things, so save your shells!

Deter critters: Keep slugs, deer, and other creatures away from your garden. Just crush up some egg shells and sprinkle them around the garden. The egg shells won’t hurt the plants, but the pest certainly won’t like them!

Start a compost pile: Egg shells and cracked eggs from the store don’t have to go to complete waste. Add them to your compost pile. The soil will love it!

Sidewalk Chalk:  Save up your egg shells.  Blend 6-8 clean dry egg shells in the blender.  Once powdered, combine equal parts egg shell, flour and hot water.  Add food coloring if desired.  Roll in plastic wrap to create a stick shape and dry about 3 days.

Add it to coffee: Adding some cleaned, crushed eggshells to the filter for your morning coffee makes it sweeter and more delicious. Just crumble and add a little; you won’t regret it.

Help your pooch: Many dogs are a little calcium deprived. You can easily add a little more to their diet by adding clean, crushed eggshell to their food. Just grind the eggshell into a fine powder before adding. Their coats will be a little shinier, and their teeth, bones, eyes, and claws will be all the healthier for it.

Make glue: Egg whites will stick like glue when dry, so separate your eggs, then spread on the egg whites with a brush. It will stick just as well as any white school glue!

Feed your plants: After boiling your hard-boiled eggs, take the water you used to boil them, let it cool, then water your houseplants with it. You won’t believe the difference!

Clear your face: Egg is great for your skin. Drop some eggshells into a jar of apple cider vinegar. After a few days, it will be ready to soothe your irritated skin.

Clean your face: Egg whites mixed with water make a great rinse for your face. Clean away the dirt while saving the good oil on your skin!

Clean your leather: Egg whites and water are just as good for leather as it is for your skin!

Clean your house: Ground eggshells make a great abrasive to mix with cleaners for a non-toxic substitute for other abrasives. It’s also cheaper and comes without the chemical smells of household abrasive cleaners!

ways to use eggs


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