How to make Jell-O Worms! A Spooky Halloween Treat!

jello worms for halloween

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This is a super fun Halloween recipe that the kids will love to slurp up!

While the recipe is actually very simple, it is a bit messy to make and kind of tricky to get the worms out at first.  Here are a few tips before you begin:

  1. You want your container packed with straws as tightly as possible.  My container was flexible, so once I had poured the Jell-O in, I used a rubber band around the carton to make it even tighter and bring the level of the liquid to the top of the straw.
  2. When removing the worms from the straws, wear rubber gloves if you have them.  I didn’t and my hands turned red for the day. :)
  3. I tried many methods for removing the “worms”.  Running them under warm water actually melts the Jell-O because it’s so thin.  The easiest way I found is listed in the recipe!
  4. The straws are cheap, I got them at the dollar store.

Have fun!  My kids loved this, even the teenagers!

Oh, and these made really awesome “Worms & Dirt Dessert Cups“!

worms & dirt

Jell-O Worms! A Spooky Halloween Treat!
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  • 2 packages of Raspberry Jell-O (4 servings each)
  • 3 packets of unflavored gelatin (1/4 oz each)
  • ½ cup whipping cream
  • 3 cups boiling water
  • 15 drops green food coloring
  • 150 flexible straws (or enough to fill your container tightly)
  • Empty milk carton or container
  1. Stretch out the bendy part of all of your straws. Prepare your "worm mold" by placing the straws into your container. If using a milk carton, do not cut it, just open the top. The tighter they are packed in, the better.
  2. Place the Jell-O and unflavored gelatin in a bowl. Add the boiling water and stir until dissolved.
  3. Let cool to room temperature. Add whipping cream and food coloring. Gently stir.
  4. Pour the Jell-O mixture into the straws. Refrigerate over night.
Removing the worms
  1. Pinch out a little piece of Jell-O from one end of the straw (about ½") Place 2 or 3 straws on a hard surface and with a rolling pin (on the end that you have pinched out the Jell-O) roll the end of the straw until the worm starts to come out of the straw.
  2. Once the worm has started to move out, it's easy to use your fingers to just push the worm out the rest of the way.

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  1. Vicky says

    I wonder if you spray Pam, or such, into the carton once straws are in, and before you pour the jello in, if this would help getting them out?

  2. michelle says

    Hi, i am excited to make these and my kids are already grossed out by it. lol. but why the green food coloring? I avoid food coloring, but I will already be feeding them gelatin, jello, and whipped cream, so why not. I am more just wondering in case I don’t have to buy it for sure.


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