Empty Prescription Bottles

15 Great ways to Reuse Empty Prescription Bottles!

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Did you know… that most prescription bottles cannot be recycled?!  Crazy but true!

Here are some great ideas to recycle them yourself (or at least reuse them!).

      1. Bobby Pin storage (which are always all over my drawers)
      2. A mini first aid kit, (bandaids, alcohol swab & tweezers) for your purse
      3. Store earbud earphones so they don’t get tangled
      4. Drawer organizers for tacks, rubber bands, nuts, bolts or screws.
      5. Travel case for QTips, cotton balls or small earrings.
      6. Store spare buttons that come with new clothes or small craft supplies
      7. Keep wooden matches dry when camping or boating
      8. Stash a $20 bill in the back of your glove box in case of emergency
      9. Fill with quarters for parking meters or the laundromat
      10. Use to safely dispose of razor heads on your disposable razor
      11. Use for a single serving of something in your lunch bag (granola to sprinkle on yogurt, salad dressing)
      12. Fill with a sewing needle, buttons & thread for an at work sewing kit
      13. Toothpick holder (great for your car or purse)
      14. Store small earrings or earring backs that are always getting lost (great for travel)
      15. Store bulk purchased spices or homemade spice mixes.

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