Quick Fix: Uses for Baby Oil

bottle of baby oil

Unusual Uses for Baby Oil!

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Baby oil is one of those products that are so pure, so cheap, and so useful, you’ll have no excuse not to keep it around!

        1. Smooth Legs:  Baby oil make a great (and inexpensive) substitute for shaving cream plus it moisturizes at the same time!
        2. Paint Removal:  If you’re doing some painting and have paint on your skin, use a little baby oil to remove it.
        3. For the great outdoors: Keep your outdoor regime short and sweet; rub baby oil over your skin to repel bugs and keep windburn at bay. So easy!
        4. Smooth Scalp:  If your baby develops cradle cap, a little baby oil smoothed into their skin will help get rid of it!
        5. Straighten up your skin: Use baby oil for an after shave lotion to prevent razor burn. It’s such a great moisturizing tool, you can use it hydrate your skin every day, soften and clean your cuticles for that home mani pedi, and even makes an awesome, hypoallergenic and cheap massage oil!
        6. Lube it up: Use baby oil to lubricate squeaky door hinges, make sliding doors glide open and shut, and get stubborn zippers to open and close super easy.
        7. Make Up remover:  Another great beauty use!  Put baby oil on a cotton pad and it will take off your eye make up (even the waterproof stuff!)
        8. Clean the gunk: Baby oil can dissolve anything sticky, so let it peel off glue off of your shoe or the sticky residue left by stickers or tape. You can also use it for ouchless bandaid removal. Just let the baby oil soak onto the sticky goo for a few minutes, then peel it away!
        9. Bubble Gum:  To remove bubble gum from hair just massage with a little baby oil!  You may need to let it sit for a few minutes to have it work it’s wonder.
        10. Tattoo Removal:  Well, at least the kid kind!  Did your little one stick a temporary tattoo on their forehead the day before school photos?  Just massage the tattoo with a little baby oil and it will wipe right off.

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