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New uses for Chalk!

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Chalk is not just for hopscotch (although that is fun!).  Here are some other uses for chalk!

    1. Clean Grease: Use chalk on grease stains (think spilled salad dressings), just rub it over the stain and wash as usual
    2. Keep your silverware shiny:  Store some chalk with your silverware and it will help prevent tarnishing
    3. Combat Ants: Ants will not cross a chalk line.  If you’re having a problem with ants, just draw a line around doors/windows and they will not cross it!
    4. Brighten finger nails:  Rub a nail brush over chalk and then use the brush on your finger nails for shiny clean nails
    5. Shine Sinks:  Crush a piece of chalk into a powder.  Dip a damp cloth into the chalk and use it to scrub the sink.  It will be nice and shiny (works on marble too)!
    6. Keep tools from slipping:  A little chalk on the end of your screwdriver will hold it in place while you’re using it!
    7. Prevent Mustiness:  Chalk absorbs moisture and can help with mustiness in your closets, laundry baskets or cupboards! 
    8. Prevent Rust: A couple of pieces of chalk in your toolbox will absorb moisture and help keep prevent your tools rust free.

Making your own playdough is fun but did you know you can also make your own sidewalk chalk? Kids love it!! (Another fun activity is making homemade lava lamps!).


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