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Tea Bags are great for skin and around the kitchen!

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Regular tea drinkers can throw away about 600 to 1,000 tea bags every year. Why waste them? If you love a cup of Earl Grey every now and then, or if you brew three cups of black tea a day, don’t throw away your used tea bags! Check out these uses for used tea bags first!

Deflate Puffy Eyes: Take a used tea bag and put it in the fridge. Once chilled, place the tea bag over your eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles!

Heal Your Skin: Tea is great for sunburn, bruises, sore spots and bug bites. Rub it right onto your skin.

Keep Up Your Cast Iron: Help to keep it clean with a used bag of black tea. Just rub it on the pan after every use!

Compost Them: Even if you don’t want to reuse your tea bags, they are completely compostable and make a great addition to your soil!

Soothe a toothache:  Wet the tea bag in hot water and then squeeze it out.  (You dont’ want it dry or sopping wet!).  Make sure it’s not too hot and then place the tea bag against the aching tooth and hold it in place.

Clean Grease:  Tea can easily cut through grease…  give your stove a little scrub before tossing out that bag!

Great Reader Suggestions:

      • Jill L. :  I swear by putting cooled regular tea (not herbal) on sunburns..It seems to pull the heat out & soothe the skin
      • Lucinda D.: Use it for when you have a bad tooth.
      • Kathryn F.: Great for composting! work tea is a fabulous ‘tonic’ for the plants
      • Nancy J.:   Note about composting: the “bag” itself is biodegradable–no need to empty.
      • Elaine Y.:  After you have a tooth pulled a tea bag will help stop the bleeding.
      • Frances A.:  When my eyes are tired, I just put a wet tea bag on them and almost immediately, they stop hurting.
      • Barb V.:  Also good for helping cold sores heal faster.

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  1. I’m a crafter and love drying out tea bags, empty leaves into compost, iron dried bag to flatten and then stamp them. I use them on cards and mixed media art.

  2. You can also dry out the tea (especially herbal teas) and use it as a loose incense over charcoal to scent your house or special area of the home. find this works especially well with chai or spice teas around the holidays, lavender and rose teas, and herbal/floral teas.

  3. I have had my teenage kids hold a used brewed black tea bag on a ‘red bump type almost pimple’ and it helps take away the swelling and redness (hold it on for at least 10 minutes) By the next morning, you could hardly tell there was a spot there! They really bad ones take a couple applications.

  4. I save all my used tea bags to put around my tomato plants in the garden & all my acid loving plants, blueberries, azaleas, camellias, oleanders, etc. Can also use weak tea to water ferns.

  5. I’ve put used tea in my plants and mold grew on it. Is there something you’re supposed to do to it or something??