Easy and Fun Lunch Box Ideas!

Lunch boxes can be boring. Does anyone’s child really get excited about a packed lunch? It’s boring, monotonous, plain, right? Not anymore! Here are some fabulous ideas to get your kids excited about lunch again.

  • Riddle me this: If you pack your child’s lunch in a brown bag, start writing riddles or puzzles on the outside of the bag. Include a box of crayons or markers along with their lunch, so they can doodle on the bag, drawing pictures or coloring. Use large stamps on the bags to make shapes for them to color in.
  • Cut and trim: Cutting the kids’ food into interesting shapes can it more fun to eat! Use shaped vegetable cutters, cookie cutters or a knife to make flower shapes or cut a monster face into their sandwiches.  There are tons of fun shaped sandwich cutters out there too!
  • It’s Cold Inside: Use ice packs in their lunch boxes (or freeze juice boxes) to make for a greater range of things they can bring to school. Ice packs allow them to bring things typically refrigerated to school. Anything in the fridge is now fair game, including milk for cereal, yogurt and pasta salad!
  • Bake the night before: Almost anything that goes into a sandwich, like pb and j, ham and cheese, or bacon, can be cooked into a muffin. Makes lunch more portable and more fun, and is super easy to bake for the whole family!
  • Packed in Fun:  Find fun reusable containers in place of baggies.  Reusable baggies are cute and will save you money in the long run.  Get fun shaped containers like Hello Kitty or Dinosaurs
  • Forget the sandwich: As easy as they are to throw together, sandwiches can get boring. Try stuffed biscuits, crackers and cheese, stuffed croissants, pita pockets, quesadillas, wraps, burritos, chips with dips, or pasta or rice salads. They’ll thank you for the change up!
  • Leftover Love:  Cook a little extra for an extra meal of leftovers for lunch!  Cold chicken salad from left over chicken or a wrap form a left over stir-fry makes a great change of pace.
  • Kid Creations:  Spend some time on the weekend creating a lunch item together like homemade granola bars.  Not only do you save money and get one on one time, but you can use it as a teaching tool…  measuring and more!
  •  Dip it up: Kids love to dip…  make their main a fun experience!  Bread sticks and hummus, veggies and homemade ranch dip, waffles and yogurt or apples and peanut butter!  The possibilities are endless and fun!
  • Breakfast for lunch:  Fill a bottle half full with milk and freeze it.  In the morning top it up with milk and send it along with a bowl of cereal for lunch!  It should be just perfect by lunchtime
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  1. Holly, I absolutely love your site! It’s been very helpful for planning my meals, and oh, so delish! I really appreciate your recipes are all made from scratch, containing easy-to-find ingredients. This new e-learning experience ushers in a new hot lunch dilemma for me. I really appreciate your ideas in the easy lunches for kids section, but was wondering if you would create a section/ideas for some easy hot lunches for kids.

    All the best to you and yours!