Spring Cleaning Tips, Essentials + FREE Printable Checklist

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Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist, Essentials & Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips, Checklist & More!
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It’s that time of year again.  The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and the world seems new again. Spring has sprung! The excitement of Spring is infectious and we find ourselves wanting our homes to be as beautiful as the weather outside.  Spring cleaning is fun for some and a bit of a pain for others but there is no denying the joy and sense of satisfaction that one feels when their home smells wonderful, sparkles in the sun and is welcoming to guests and family alike.

This article is centered on getting you ready with some great Spring cleaning tips and the essential items that you simply must have in order to do a thorough job.

Print a Spring Cleaning Checklist

What you’ll need:

Before you get started, it’s important to be prepared so that once you get going you don’t have to stop!  Below is a list of some of my essentials to get started on my spring cleaning ritual!

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1.  White Vinegar

This stuff is so cheap and is the jack of all trades when it comes to cleaning.  You can use it on almost any surface and it can be mixed with water, baking soda and more to create a variety of cleaning solutions.  There is not much that it CAN’T do.  Disinfect and clean your bathtub. Deodorize your garbage disposal.  Clean up stains and spots on your carpet.  Truly, the possibilities are endless and you should always have a jug of this stuff on hand.

2.  Swiffer duster  (Print savings on Swiffer here)

This magic little gadget revolutionized the cleaning process for moms everywhere. The microfiber cloth will attract every last little piece of dust and the duster is designed to reach even the most difficult spots in your home.  It will make your cleaning process about 100 times easier and is well worth the minor investment.

3.  Garbage bags

You need a variety of sizes and shapes.  Try getting ones that are reinforced, deodorizing, small, large and with and without drawstrings depending on your needs.  Garbage bags will come in handy for everything from de-cluttering and organizing to cleaning.

4.  Baking soda

You can use baking soda to absorb liquids and odors as well as mix with vinegar or lemon to create a paste.  It is dirt cheap and won’t go unused.
Magic Erasers
If you have not used a magic eraser yet then you are missing out.  These little rectangles of cleaning power will change the way you look at cleaning almost anything.  They are particularly useful for scuffed walls or for that door that your toddler used as a crayon art canvas. They can also clean out sinks, bath tubs and more.  Try them and you will keep them in your house forever.  They are an absolute must have.

5.  Lemon

Lemon has both disinfecting and deodorizing powders and can be used in conjunction with other products like vinegar and/or baking soda to create cleaning solutions.  It can also be used to deodorize garbage disposals and more.  In conjunction with the first 2 items on this list, almost anything and any surface in your home can be cleaned in no time.

6.  Steam Mop

Everyone knows that there is nothing better than a clean and shiny kitchen or bathroom floor but mopping can be tedious and, at times, you may feel like you are simply moving dirt around.  A steam mop can be used on many hard surfaces and will clean and disinfect with ease.  A good one is a must-have for any clean freak!  You can grab a steam mop on Amazon for a pretty great price!

7.  Disinfectant wipes & Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

These wipes with disinfectant solution already in them are the easiest way to wipe something down in a hurry.  They can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and are inexpensive.  Magic Erasers are amazing for scuffs and tricky stained tubs and tiles (check out coupons.com for savings on Magic Erasers).

8.  Furniture polish

Which kind you choose will depend on what kind of furniture you have and your exact needs.  However, a good dust and furniture polish spray or wax is a must have for every Spring cleaner.  (You can save up to $3/4 on Furniture Polish & more here!)

9.  Buckets, bins and more!  You will need containers for a wide variety of things (great savings at The Container Store here via Coupons.com):

      • Mop buckets
      • Small containers for or organizing small items
      • Larger bins for larger items and for storage in the attic or garage
      • Trash cans, of course
      • Small cleaning buckets for “on hands and knees” jobs with sponges or scrub brushes.

If you have all of these things in your home then you should be ready to go and get started on your cleaning spree.  Of course, the basics that exist in every home like brooms, mops and vacuums are also necessary but weren’t listed here because it is quite likely that you keep them around at all times and in any season.  The most important thing that you need to do is to make a list of everything that you need to clean and then beside each item, list what you will need to clean it. From there, make sure that you have everything and be sure to double check this list of the essentials to make sure you have not forgotten anything.

Print a Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is a big chore! Getting the house packed, unpacked, cleaned and shined can take a lot of work. Make the most of your time and your spring cleaning it a little easier with these great tips for getting it done quickly, while saving yourself both time, and money!

Set aside some time:

 If possible, it’s best to set aside a couple of days or an entire Saturday to do the cleaning all at once!  You’ll save time by working all at once rather than taking your cleaning supplies in and out.

Have a plan:

Read through some tips, print off your checklist and add any items that may be specific to your home and needs.  Ensure you have all of the essential you need at your disposal!

Pack up your clothes:

Getting ready to pack up your winter clothing and pull out the summer stuff? Get some big, plastic tubs with snap on lids (you can find these are Target or The container store via coupons.com). Not only will this fight bugs, damp, discoloration and other pesky storage problems, but can even help fight wrinkles. Roll up your winter clothes instead of folding them, and snap the lid on for carefree seasonal storage.

Clear some space:

Try the one in, one out rule for your home. If you buy a new sweater or lamp, make sure to get rid of an old sweater or lamp to make room for the new one. This will help to keep your house from cluttering up with things you no longer need. This will make cleaning for the season that much easier!

Super clean your appliances:

Don’t forget to clean your dishwasher, dryer and washing machine while you are scrubbing the floors and stove. Keeping often used appliances clean will help to cut costs down the road, making them last longer and work better!

Prime and paint:

If you are going to be cleaning your rooms anyway for spring, it may be a great time to apply some paint. No one wants to move that heavy desk twice, so paint behind it after you, move it to clean behind it.

One room at a time:

Take each room, one at a time, to prevent getting overburdened or overwhelmed while you work. Take the kitchen now, then work on the den or bedrooms when you’re done.


If you are planning to clean for spring anyway, then go ahead and take the extra bit of time and money to add some organization to your rooms. The container store via coupons.com has tons of great organizing totes and more!  Grab some plastic and glass sorting materials for the kitchen, find a filing cabinet for the office, and even grab a bureau for the kid’s crafting corner. It will make day-to-day and fall cleaning that much easier!

Keep it together:

If you have a standard set of cleaning supplies for your spring cleaning, keep them together in the pale or plastic container that you can drag from one room to the next. It will keep your stuff organized, and always on hand. Include sanitizers, cleaners, wipes, paper towels, glass cleaner, carpet cleaner, canned air, dust spray, and any other bottles you may need on your cleaning trip around the house.

Change the changeable:

Clean out your filters or change them, change your smoke detector & carbon monoxide detector batteries, touch up the paint in the bathroom, and reseal the sink. These tiny tasks that have been waiting for a spare moment should be a priority during spring cleaning. It will make your home look newer and cleaner!

Happy Cleaning!

More tips here

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