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How to Clean a Stove Top! 

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How to Clean a Stove Top…  and make it sparkle & shine like new!

Stove tops tend to be the bane of any neat freak’s existence.  They are prone to stuck on messes and spills and never seem to come as clean as one would hope.  This is particularly true of glass top electrical ranges which are almost impossible to get clean sometimes.  However, here are some simple solutions and tips!

Of course always be sure all parts of your stove are nice and cool before you begin and test a hidden spot or read the directions before applying anything to the surface as to not damage it!

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How to Clean a Stove Top!

Here the easiest tip (I need to be more diligent with this one!): Clean up any messes immediately.  The longer they sit, the harder they are to remove!

How to clean an ELECTRIC RANGE

  • Remove all coils and drip trays from the stove top.
  • Place the drip trays in hot soapy water to soak while you clean the rest of the stove top
  • Clean with a household cleaner, a soft scrubber (do not use steel wool, it will damage the surface) and a paste of baking soda and water.
  • Using a paste of homemade goo remover,  rub off any grease.  This works really well with drip trays too!
  • A tip that you may not even be aware of: You can lift the top of most stoves up like a car hood for easy cleaning.
  • Rinse well, clean with glass cleaner to make it sparkle.  Scrub the drip trays until clean.
    • Note: If your drip trays are extremely dirty there are a couple of options to get them looking new again!
      1. Boil them with water and a bit of vinegar for about 20 minutes.  This can help remove caked on grease or debris.
      2. OR Place them in a Ziploc Bag with a small splash of ammonia (be cautious using ammonia) and let them sit overnight .  Voila, like new!


  • Glass top stoves require regular cleaning.  The longer things sit on them, the harder they are to remove later.
  • You should also be very careful about what you allow to sit on them.  A plastic bag can literally destroy a glass top stove.
  • Remove any caked on debris with a flat edged scraper intended for glass tops.  Be sure to scrape flat across the stove top and not into it!
  • Using a paste of homemade goo remover,  rub off any grease or debris.
  • Scrub your glass top clean and rinse well.  I then spray mine with a window cleaner for a shiny finish.

How to clean GAS STOVE TOPS

  • For a gas range, remove all grates and parts and rinse them with soapy and water.  Use a toothpick to clean up small areas.
  • Then spray down the entire stovetop with soap and water or glass cleaner.  (You can also make a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and use it in the same way.)

cleaning a stove with a cloth and rubber gloves





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    1. Ingredients
      ½ cup olive or vegetable oil (either works perfectly)
      ⅓-1/2 cup baking soda (add more to make a thicker paste)
      Optional: Lemon juice OR a fragrant essential oil (commercial Goo Gone has an orange scent but you can choose any scent that you would like.)
      Combine all ingredients in a mason jar. Shake well.
      To use:
      Apply to surface to be cleaned and let sit for 1 minute.
      Depending on the type of residue, rub or scrub to remove.
      In extra sticky situations, let goo remover sit up to 5 minutes.
      Wash with hot soapy water… voila! Like magic!