Surprising things you can clean with a Magic Eraser!

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Surprising things to clean with Magic Erasers!

Surprising things you can clean with a Magic Eraser! 

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What is a magic eraser and why is it so great?  This handy little sponge shaped tool is activated by water and is every mom’s dream come true.  It can clean just about any hard surface with ease and the many uses that it has may surprise you:

You can….

  • Clean your floors… almost any hard floor will come clean with the help of this amazing little cleaning tool.
  • Clean your shoes… You can get up grass stains and scuffs from your sneakers in no time.
  • Clean your grout… Scrub your stained grout clean and bright.
  • Clean your walls… Moms know the horror of crayon marks and food smudges on walls.  The magic eraser has you covered.
  • Clean your baseboards… wipe down your baseboards to remove scuffs and stains.
  • Clean and polish gold jewelry… Yep, that’s right, you can clean your jewelry.
  • Clean up set in tea or coffee stains… Remove rings and stains from countertops, tables and more with a few quick wipes.
  • Clean up soap scum and mildew in the bathroom… clean your bathroom all up and get rid of stubborn, nasty dirt and grime.
  • Clean off sticker residue… a new toy, frame or other item came with a sticker on it and now you can’t get it off?  OR, worse yet, your toddler went on a sticker rampage through the house.  What do you do? Use the magic eraser!
  • Clean toilets… wipe out toilets and get rid of the rings.
  • Clean sinks… clean bathroom, kitchen or other sinks with ease.

This handy-dandy tool is truly a “Mom’s best friend” and is inexpensive and simple to use.  It’s a necessity for every mom’s arsenal of cleaning supplies… if you haven’t tried it yet then what are you waiting for?

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