2 bottles of dish soap

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Dish soap is great for scrubbing dishes and sinks. It’s a gentle cleanser that won’t ruin your skin as you’re cleaning, and it gets the job done. But liquid dish soaps are get outside of the kitchen too. It’s grease-fighting power has lots of other uses!

Kill fleas: If you furry friends pick up some fleas, you can remove them with dish soap. Dawn is the best brand for flea and tick removal; just wash your pup or kitty in the soap, the same as you would with animal shampoo. You can also wash their bedding in it to help to kill the pests! Dish soap is super gentle, even if your pup has sensitive skin!

Wash your hair: If you have build up in your hair from your daily mousse or hairspray regime, dish soap can help! Just wash your hair with dish soap instead of shampoo, and condition as normal. The dish soap will help to remove the styling products without removing all of the natural oils from your hair. Shampoo with dish soap once a month to keep the build up from getting out of control.

Make Bubbles: Who doesn’t love bubbles?  Mix together 1/2 cup liquid dishwashing soap (I’ve read good reviews about using Dawn), 4-1/2 cups water, and 4 tablespoons glycerin in container.  Get creative with your bubble wands and se who can make the biggest bubbles.

Treat Laundry:  Use dish soap to pretreat oil stains on your clothing.  Be sure not to leave lots of dish soap on your clothes in the washer as it creates lots of suds.

Gel Ice Pack: Fill a small Ziploc bag with dish soap (double bag it to prevent leaks) and store it in the freezer.

Wash your vehicle: What’s the point in buying a separate soap for your car? Just use dish soap instead! You can wash the tires, the chrome, the window glass and the painted parts with dish soap, and it will leave your car shiny and streak-free. The soap is cheaper than car soap, or taking it to the car wash!

Kill those bugs: Fill a spray bottle most of the way with warm water, then squirt in a generous helping of dish soap. Shake until the bottle is foamy, then spray. It will kill the bugs without spreading nasty poisons all over your kitchen or bathroom. You can use this mix for roaches and wasps, even spiders!

No more weeds: Have some weeds poking out of your driveway or through your walkway? Get rid of them with dish soap. Take some hot water and mix in dish soap and about a cup of salt. Pour over the weeds to kill them and keep them from coming back. Only use this in areas where you want nothing to grow! This solution will salt the earth, and prevent things from growing there in the future.

Clean the glass: Is your glass cleaner leaving streaks behind? Switch it out with hot water and dish soap. It leaves a streak-free shine on your windows, and wipes away clean. Great for glass tables and other flat surfaces. You can also use dish soap to soak your glass vases and other glass knick knacks to remove dirt and bacteria.

Feed your grass: Dish soap is good for the lawn, believe it or not! Mix together corn syrup, a can of Coke and some dish soap, and spray it over your lawn while it is being watered. The grass will grow healthier and thicker with this mixture!

Soak your cuticles: Ever wonder what the nail salons soak your nails in before they trim your cuticles? It’s usually just dish soap and warm water! If you give yourself manicures at home, this will help your nails to be pliant and ready for trimming.

2 bottles of dish soap




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  1. In reference to the hit for using dish soap for your hair: Another thing you can use to strip gels and hairsprays, etc., from your hair, is Vinegar. Either one will work. Shampoo your hair. Using an 8oz glass, fill it 1/3 of the way with vinegar. Fill the rest of the way with warm water. Work it through your hair. You can shampoo your hair a second time, to get rid of the vinegar smell. Use your condition. Vinegar also helps your hair to shine.