Kiwis are the ultimate summer fruit, so everyone should know how to cut a kiwi.

Their sweet-tart flavor goes with everything from smoothies to summer fruit salads. They are also great garnishes for fancy, tropical cocktails! A cross between a green apple and a strawberry, kiwis can be found year-round but are at their peak between April and August.

cut and sliced kiwi on a cutting board to show How to Cut Kiwi

How to Cut a Kiwi

Some folks don’t mind eating the peel from a kiwi, it’s loaded with fiber and antioxidants. However, not everyone likes the texture of the peel. Cutting a kiwi can be confusing at first because of its small size and fuzzy exterior.

With a Knife or Peeler: Using a paring knife, slice off each end of the kiwi so it stands firmly upright. Cut from top to bottom in thin slices between the skin and the flesh until the peel is removed.

a kiwi with ends cut off

Starting from the top to the bottom, peel the skin away from the flesh all the way around the fruit using either a small knife, a paring knife or a vegetable peeler. Discard the peel and cut as desired.

cutting skin off of a kiwi with a knife

With a Spoon: Using a paring knife, slice off each end of the kiwi as above so it stands firmly upright.

Place a spoon between the peel and the flesh at the top and push it to the bottom. Move it back and forth between the flesh and the skin and the flesh will easily separate. Scoop the kiwi out and discard the peel.

starting to peel skin off of a kiwi with a spoon

Slice, Wedges, or Chunks

Depending on the use, the peeled kiwi can be cut into slices, wedges, or chunks.

For snacking I like wedges but I find that chunks or slices are great for fruit salads.

Make a Fancy Kiwi Flower

Kiwi flowers add a touch of elegance to any fruit platter and they are really easy to make using a paring knife!

  1. Cut the ends off the kiwi. Insert the knife halfway through the kiwi in an up-and-down motion, creating small ‘V’’s all around the fruit. Gently separate the kiwi into two pieces.
  2. To make petals, cut away the peel at each point and pull them away from the fruit without pulling the petals off. Curl them backward and as they dry, they’ll stay curled.

kiwis peeled and chopped in various ways on a cutting board

Kiwi Recipes

Eat kiwis in a tropical salad with sliced bananas, mandarin orange slices, grapes cut in half, and toasted coconut. No need for a dressing! Add kiwis to kale smoothies or dice and add to a fresh fruit salsa. And of course, kiwi adds essential color to these tasty fruit kabobs! Try dipping in 2 Ingredient Fruit Dip for a sweet and creamy treat.

A Green Kiwi Smoothie is another favorite kiwi recipe!

How to Store

Kiwis keep fresh on the countertop and do not need to be refrigerated until after they are prepared. Keep sliced or peeled kiwis in a zippered bag or wrapped in plastic wrap in the refrigerator and they will last about 4 days.

What’s your favorite way to cut a kiwi? Let us know in the comments below! 

close up of cutting skin off of a kiwi with a knife with text
cutting a kiwi with a knife with text
knife cutting skin off of a kiwi with text
cutting skin off of a kiwi with a knife and chopped kiwis with text



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